Where can I report a bug or feature request?

The memo topic is a good place to report issues. You can also use any of the contact methods above.

Does Memo have access to my private keys?

Private keys are stored encrypted with the user's Memo password. The key needs to be unencrypted to sign transactions. Memo does not have access to the private keys, so it is critical for users to keep a backup in case the Memo password is lost.

What are the implications of posting to a public blockchain?

  • Immutability: Memo actions (post, like, follow, tip) are public and visible to anyone. This is similar to some other social media, but there is a critical difference: there are no delete or edit functions because blockchain data is immutable. We assume that in the future there will be a need to give more options on the Memo website about user intent, but the fact would remain that any action is permanently written to the blockchain and exists there for anyone to read. Keep this in mind while using Memo!
  • Portability: Your Memo account is controlled with a Bitcoin Cash address. You can use the same address with any application implementing Memo protocol or with a Bitcoin Cash wallet. This means you are in complete control of the actions and data associated with the address.

What is reputation?

Reputation is personalized and represents how much you can trust a Memo account from the perspective of your own account. Reputation is calculated by taking the number of people you follow who follow the account minus the number of people you follow who muted the account divided by the total number of people you are following.

(number of people you follow who follow the account - number of people you follow who muted the account) /
(total number of people you follow)

Red indicates a reputation of less than 0%, Grey is between 0% and 2.5%, Yellow is between 2.5% and 10%, Green is greater than 10%, and Blue with a star means you directly follow that user.

How are the Ranked, Personalized, and Top views determined?

  • Ranked: smart sort using Score, Time, and Gravity (more info).
  • Personalized: sorted by how many of those you follow Like the memo in the time period selected.
  • Top: sorted by how many total Likes the memo received in the time period selected. Note that old memos can appear in this view if they recently received a Like.

Is there a Memo mobile app?

We currently do not have a mobile app, but we plan to create one soon.

Is there an open source client for Memo?

The Memo protocol and the website are open source. We have not created other clients yet, but anyone can build a new one using the specification. We're currently focused on improving the site and then building a mobile app.

Where can I make translation contributions and corrections?

Please post to the Memo Languages topic. For Github users, create a new issue with the details.