#Venezuela offers limitless opportunities for anything you desire, visit our upcoming bitcoin #BCH #DASH #LTC #BTC international #festival #conference #hackathon #realbitcoinclub #bitcoinmap
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Now Supported On The Crypterium Wallet
I will get my third #bitcoin #tattoo right now paid with #DASHTEXT #DASH with a tx fee of just 4.61 #VES (4.61/165 = 0.028 cents = 0.00028 #USD) this truly is #bitcoins for everyone! #BCH min fee is way too high!
BCH: 506103-505076=1027 memo txs. num of tx📈23.6%, account for 2.5% of all BCH txs(41052)
BSV: 792750-792484=266. num of txs📉11.0%, (118543)
BTC: (288216), BCH/BTC=14.2%
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So basically if you own 200 Collier coin you will own 5.4 % of my hashing power, Airdrops made easy :) and I'll put out more coins for you to own more hashing power!!
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Don't forget everyone! Tonight is blockchain poker night!!!
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Mary Janes side profile. Made with buds ,grinders, and some hemp string. #art #creative #bchpls #cannabis
BCH all the way. I love it!
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Idea: Set time limit for polls. Could configurable and would allow to set a poll/bet to guess a game result without being able to vote after it has started.
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Thank you cryptograndpa for believing in me/ I'll try not to let you down! Together We will build a stronger blockchain !
I will raise an #ICO on the #BCH chain to fund a proposal which the #DASH treasury was not interested in. We will create #BOLI a re-branded DASH for South America financed by mining #BTC That's cross coin funding !!
#Roblox Epic Minigames! Playing all the New Minigames! Castle Climb, Fishing Frenzy and Drawing the Line! https://chloetuberchannel.blogspot.com/2019/08/roblox-epic-minigames-gameplay-playing.html
conducting an experiment with NFTs on Memo
EXV2 is the first NFT issued,there will be more
NFTs will be given out for FREE
I make no clain that they have value presently or in the future
this is an experiment,have fun
You literally get paid bch buy holding on to Collier coin!! Only 100k sats per token is a deal considering I plan to increase the hash rate over time...
In #Venezuela #Caracas you can become a #yoga instructor (200h) for as little as 150 #USD with a certificate issued in India at the highest level of #consciousness, flat rate daily lessons are available at $3 monthly
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How about if I put the airdrop to vote ...and you can decide when you want your BCH!?!?!!!! :) more power for Collier Coin owners!
#BTC is best for mining #BCH is best for funding #DASH is best for super low tx fee adoption... BCH can catch up with DASH adoption quite easily but without ROI, instant send & usernames on-chain it's not as useful
What's the most private way to buy things online?
I own my body and nothing else, my territory is moving all the time, it follows me wherever I go. I do not need a paper issued by any authority to proof the ownership, anyone wants to buy a German passport?
Right now I am watching them go wild once again, dancing like crazy at Bellas artes in the cultural center of #Caracas #Venezuela to some old school techno, old & young exercising #joy & #happyness You must see that!!
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What color do you prefer for the Bitcoin Cash logo?
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