5h · BLM © black lives matter™ ®
9h · memo
Yesterday, there were
21415 txs on BCH chain, 282357 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=7.6%
1520469-1520207=262 memo txs, 📈9.2%(compared w/ prev 240), account for 1.2% of all BCH txs
4h · covid-19
The PCR thing Is a DNA sample which Is send within days to China's DATA banks without your consent. There's a reason behind It.
Imagine hating monopolistic government money dictated by force so much that you want to destroy competing currencies by force and establish a monopoly.
22h · BCHArgentina
Felicidades a BitcoinCash Argentina por concluir de forma Exitosa su campaña de Flipstarter 🎊
5h · covid-19
human 2.0 cant reproduce, dont have an inmune system (they need boosters to stay alive), they have low life-span and can be connected to AI.
5h · covid-19
A reminder that that Corona operation is about reducing natural humans to develop human 2.0 connected to AI &t=04O5aL7HZ0Uw-m9D9ppZjg
4h · Synthetic mRNA gene therapy
Spiderman was a GMO
11h · UFO/UAP Sighting
School kids on witnessing a landed UFO at their school in Broad Haven, Wales, 1977
87,953 viewsJul 8, 2022
14h · Financial Advice
The train tracks the economy is running on have already been laid down, the train is going to stay on the track, the government HAS too spend like a trillion Dollars a year, they HAVE too.
Algo curioso acerca de las transacciones de Bitcoin Cash. Solemos decir que el ID de la transacción (que usamos para ubicar transacciones en la cadena de bloques) es el hash de la transacción. Bueno, realmente no.
Religion is inevitable.

Tengo una dificultad con IPFS: al parecer no preserva el hash original del archivo, sino que el identificador de un lo remplaza con un hash diferente que apunta a otro tipo de estructura.
12h · Simulation Theory
The Matrix Reloaded - The Architect Scene 1080p Part 1
2,388,951 viewsMar 1, 2017
1d · Climate Change
14h · Movie Scenes
Sparkly Eyes Technique
67,813 viewsMar 14, 2010
16h · 👌👌👌 CULTure
I have run out of liquidity in Memo.Cash, would someone lend me some Bitcoin Cash?
1d · Robots stealing jobs and stuff
da tok ur sex jurbs
1d · SmartBCH
How to Run a Validator in SmartBCH
How long do you stay dependent on a collapsing system knowing it'll eventually come down? When is your jump-off point?