· 52m
A demo of a simple JWT-token-for-BCH prototype. A low-friction web app to let developers pay BCH in exchange for a JWT token to access a REST API or other web service, like SLPDB or BitDB.
· 3h
Seems like everyone is calling for prices to crash. Might be a good time to buy. Not financial advice. #dailymemo
Unusual Uther
· 1h · global warming
http://i.stack.imgur.com/rugfb.png Ocean temperature data in the middle of the Atlantic from North to South poles.
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Hello friends!
I am a new member please follow me
And thank you for liking it❤
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Token’s classifications on Memo
1. Just tokens
2. Tokens are paying dividends in Satoshi aka CCO and Ignis
3. Beer tokens
· 21m
Scram is meme currency!
· 1d · memo
Muted activity is now removed from the everyone and new posts feeds
· 12h
Was going to share Tone vays and Suetoshis lil scene..but then thought ,no
...two idiots that both crave attention...and are out to ruin Bitcoin.
· 3h · US Politics/Trump
· 8h
Cant we all go back to being friends again?
· 8h
· 4h
Wow just created my own token KT ..this is new for me..thanks #800cc @HeyRhett for the ideas and teaching your community about crypto.im learning more ✊👌✌️
· 7h
Eventually people will find out that the only real digital money is #bitcoincash!
I have many reasons to say this, such as the confidence he has in his community.
Long live the king #bch #blockchain #cryptocurrency
sent · 10,000 sats · 9h
I think you're amazing, if one day you can support my Kratos token, I'd be very happy. 💎💎💎
· 9h
Why almost no sites related to blockchain technology are supported by the official Persian or Persian language, which is the common language of over 100 million people.
· 10h

turn a smart Lightbulb on/off with Bitcoin Cash! the future of internet connected devices + electronic p2p cash (BCH) is here mannn https://github.com/adnjoo/apitest-lights
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Good night all people..!

#helptogrow #dailymemo
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guy's I'm new here please help my account so thanks #iran love country #bch love crypto
#donation needed :)
· 14h · SLP - Simple Ledger Protocol
SLP usage is growing a lot. Now a little over 7000 transactions today.
· 8h
Love some good ChillHop while I work.
· 12h
Seize the moment because you might be dead tomorrow.
· 7h
Pumpkin tokens are pumping right now 🎃🎃🎃🎃
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