Today our team of designers, developers & #BitcoinCash experts brought a massive upgrade to A new brand, new features, an improved look for onboarding the world to p2p cash. So proud right now #dailymemo
Be careful! As expected in a permissionless system, people create false tokens. Here is a false USDH:
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Trump suggested his supporters want him to serve more than two terms as president, which would violate...
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Memo needs some native image upload...
Good evening memo world! Im back! thanks to @fyzeon for encouraging me to be active here again. BCH lezzzz go!!! 💚
Smashed my phone today with my car by accident, probably gonna try to buy my next one with BCH.
Submitting a new merchant in Marco Coino does not work:
So they are now 95% of goal reached to the 800? Wow. Some big money came in.
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#DRUGS are for #idiots.
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I have already set my profile pic here on Nice meeting all BCH-community members here across the globe. Let's start to become active here. is the Twitter of Blockchain.
I just onboarded a colleague who had helped me out with a project on my house. Tipped him in BCH for his help. He was excited and could see it's potential when doing work "off the book". new design 💚💲 #BCH #Bitcoin #Dailymemo
Craziest BCH transaction you ever made ?

Yesterday I gave $5 worth to the lead singer of a band who dress as pirates and sing songs about life on the seas ! Crazy getting a 16th century pirate to download a wallet !!
Hi guys, only 2 hours left to guess the BTC fee for Tuesday. Jackpot is more than 5 Mio satoshis (thanks to Georg Engelmann for filling). Take your chance.
BCH: 425892-424772=1120 memo txs. num of txs📉27.5%, account for 2.1% of all BCH txs(52771)
BSV: 768738-768473=265 memo txs, num of txs📉18.7%, (56741)
BTC: (295946)
I just donated money to the bitcoin cash fund - pls consider a small donation!
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The #fuckingcapitalists always make sure that government is mostly socialism for them, brutal exploitation for everyone else.
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🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀Zilliqa breakout imminent🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
📢 Ask me Anything, USDH the first regulated stablecoin on BCH blockchain, 17th of June 20:00~21:00 HongKong Time #USDH #BCH #Dailymemo

now that i'm back!
where's my memo cash?