Gentile reminder to the Memo Community to use for all your Amazon purchases and pay with Bitcoin Cash.
@Jared, for your tip of 40000 satoshis, I will send 96 txs with the message: Read about http... You can watch here in the run: R1926.
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Curious about the Memo community. Do you know how to code?
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Interesting. I did not know that B12 is a bacterium, I will have to inform myself. thanks for the note. do you have a good source to explain this?
Sure, that's exactly what we need. Every law enforcement agency in the world trying to declare Bitcoin illegal.
Bitcoin Files might become the new piratebay.

Think about it.
George Hotz | Programming | sending a transaction with BITCOIN CASH from SCRATCH
"ZDEX, the world's first ZKP privacy enabled decentralized exchange is coming soon and the count down has begun!"
what about vitamin b12, do you have any deficiencies? I've been a vegetarian for over 1 year and feel fine. I'm going to test my blood this year to find fault.
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You can now search on with protocol prefixes. For example, searching for "cats" in memo posts:
We are not fighting against the bankster but we are resisting against the corruptable banking system. We are living for truth/transparency to gain freedom & peace.
Instead they are trying (quite successfully unfortunately) to infiltrate us from the inside and derail our efforts through companies such as Blockstream and nChain 2/2
I walk barefoot always and do not use shampoo. B12 is a bacteria can be absorbed by the skin. Having a dog helps too! B12 deficiency is a first world problem. You can also supplement.
Homes DO have customs, ecosystems, border control and national agreements. Nations DO pay property tax, rent, and deal with police(if the UN/NATO etc. has anything to say about it).
Bitcoin Cash is fueled by Adoption not Speculation.

Excellent read! Only 3-4 minutes. Short n Sweet #BCH
BCH Lightning Network, ON-CHAIN (for real)!!! Seriously, that is genious: forcing to sign a penalty transaction if you don't want to have to wait.
One of the biggest misunderstanding people have about Bitcoin: BTC isn't a software project. It is an actual system in the world.
Thanks for bringing it up. We're planning some changes to help with this.
Any vegans or vegetarians here? Currently I am on my third day not eating meat, milk, eggs (anything coming from animals).
Yesterday 259405-258246=1159 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈54.3%
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You can now explore on with protocol prefixes. Example - "bitcoin" in Memo posts:
I have wrote mi handle $ferghex in the ladies room. I'm a gentleman, by the way.
More han likely FUD. I dont get the motive, but there is FUD against vaccines. They really are the most effective, and cheapest way to fight the spread of many diseases.

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