I have zero respect for people who say they care about crypto, but refuse to use it unless it's their favorite coin. Looking at you, fiat-loving "Bitcoin not crypto" clowns! 🤡
If this is just partially true, Monero is not safe to use (in terms of guaranteed privacy):

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Yesterday, there were
84884 txs on BCH chain, 310031 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=27.4%
1565795-1565586=209 memo txs, 📈56.0%(compared w/ prev 134), account for 0.2% of all BCH tx

Great video but Johnny made an error, its far worse. he said banks need to keep a 10% reserve but that rule was removed March 26, 2020,the reserve requirement was set at 0%.
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Do you want to promote and teach how to use Bitgree on my channel?
We continue working on the development of the bitcoin neighborhood in Venezuela. Every day we earn more people using BCH, although many do not know about technology, it seems phenomenal
"Hodl BTC! Not your keys, not your coins!" - If everyone tried to do this and only created a single withdrawal transaction, it would take the BTC network 50 years to process at their cap of 300k transactions per day.
Crypto isn't ready for mass adoption, but it'll never be unless we use it now.

You can't build theoretical end-user products. You need real users to break things, get mad at you, and make you fix them.
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Hello, my good people of Memo.cash!
We reached 100 people using BCH in Barrio Bitcoin, it really is the alternative to cope with the economic crisis in Venezuela
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I've been inactive with memo cash for the past few months. Thanks to #xolosArmy for reminding me that I still have this awesome platform. I truly believe that the #xolosArmy project will hit it's target... THE MOON⚡
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Bro, why are you stressing the network haha
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Yesterday, there were
13027 txs on BCH chain, 335792 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=3.9%
1565452-1565060=392 memo txs, 📈100%(compared w/ prev 196), account for 3.0% of all BCH tx
In the Bitcoin neighborhood of Venezuela, we also think of using a memo to publish our services and products, in addition to using it as a wallet and making and making payments.
We are on a promo in the Bitcoin neighborhood, any purchase you make in any establishment will have a 30% discount paying with BCH
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good morning memo
In our Web Designing Training in Chennai, we will train you on all the latest technologies.
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Yesterday, there were
169304 txs on BCH chain, 262961 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=64.4%
1565586-1565452=134 memo txs, 📉65.8%(compared w/ prev 392), account for 0.1% of all BCH tx
You're either at least trying to use crypto as money, or you don't really care about freedom. It's that simple.