This is pure bullshit. The very few BSV supporting projects were bought out by nchain/coingeek.
Twater you brain is dead. I wonder how you still feed yourself and be able to shitpost. You must be a natural phenomenon.
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I am saying that most services who were built for bitcoin cash only are now BSV.
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Matter, oyo, bitdb, bitquery, bitsocket, cryptografiti, bitstocks, cashpay, cryptonize, hivr, fivebucks, keyport, datapay, pixel wallet, nextcash, electrum SV...
That's fine. Now please list all the BSV projects which do not have financial ties to nchain/coingeek.
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Having trouble finding the app in the store. Why is that?
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I'm not sure. You have to search very specifically.
How memo becomes a blogging platform
A Serverless Website Stored in a Single Bitcoin SV Transaction
Update: Charts added
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Testing 3 2 1
Maybe put as a keyword or something.
OP_RETURN can be pruned anyway. We need a better way in general.
What's your affiliation with coingeek/nchain?
Not sure if that's a good idea. The world needs a twitter replacement, not another blogging platform imo.
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Most nodes are not mining these transactions. It took a couple hours for these to confirm. Until these are regularly mined, we will keep limits in place.
1) the limit of op_return restricts not only memo but also every other service that would build on top of Bitcoin. I think, whether or not we need Twitter or blogging isn't a ....
Yesterday 319206-318829=377 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉41.2%|abc(319185-318808=377,📉41.1%),sv(707125-706463=662,📉14.5%)
sadly i think ABC controls BCH now.
I see you and Ed everywhere, and you both have nothing of value to contribute. Go focus on BSV.
En Levende Mand
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Hey mate. Can you clarify this for us? Thanks :-)
Using encryption you can communicate with others privately. Additionally, for sending money, you can communicate addresses privately so it's not associated with your memo address.