· 1h
Whether you like ETH or not, VB is one of the brightest minds around:
· 2h
Top 50 Cryptos by trading volume (CMC)
· 4h
Been on a plant based diet pretty much since the beginning of the month. Surprised how easy it is. Let's see how I feel after a couple of months. #dailymemo
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Happy Token Tuesday! Comment here and I will send you many tokens! Send me many tokens back and we can dance together, dance together like no one is watching.
Unusual Uther
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Should organic pot/weed be legalized in America?
Yes 7 votes · 5,546 satoshis
No 0 votes · 0 satoshis
Not Sure 0 votes · 0 satoshis


· 5h · ⛏CCO
2 BCH airdrop payout is still slated of the 16th... just 3 more days....
· 10h
· 1h · 2-legged cancer
Floods you n Venice
· 9h
Every time I look at the ⛏Collier Coin Rig ... I think to my self... "damn she has a nice hash"
· 1h · BCH adoption
How to Accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Payments at a Physical Store and Cash Out in Local Currency https://bit.ly/2qMLLpu
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@FreeTrade ?????
· 19h
One thing humans are great at is recognizing strengths in others and copying them or often improving them.

The concept of intellectual property is the antithesis of this.
· 15h · Capitalism
Was Pentium4 and the FX8350 really that bad? Why Cyrix bankrupted? https://honest.cash/v2/Geri/collective-computer-psychosis-6438
· 14h
I feel like drinking and increasing the hash tonight.
David knife
· 7h
Guys could everyone check their Badger wallets to see if your coins are still there please
· 6h
Fuck... I thought paper wallets where safe... Im pretty disappointed right now...
· 8h
what is going on right now??
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From Faucet and Donations
· 13h
Only 2 days 13 hours until the upgrade. https://cash.coin.dance/
· 8h
Is Bitcoin Better Money? John Stossel interview with Naomi Brockwell
Unusual Uther
· 13h
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Hey there! On this page: https://memo.sv/protocol I believe you mean "Message data is hex encoded" rather than "Message data is UTF-8 encoded." In OP_RETURN 6d01 6d656d6f, 6d656d6f is hex, no?
· 10h
Hey guys and gals!, Be sure to get your Proof of Steak(s)🥩🥩🥩 to get more HEX.SLP Airdropped weekly. Today, holders of HEX.SLP with Proof of steak 🥩 coins received over double the HEX.SLP! More🥩=More HEX
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Anyone notice the Market Cap listing for our beloved 💩? 😜