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Pewdiepie88 posted · 2 hours ago

I need some satoshis. Let's get these tips started

1EBp8d5Mb8F8LK9VSiK9DwGXVcAxHyFMor posted · 3 hours ago

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.

solitude posted · 2 hours ago


MATCH #18/64

Wednesday, 20 Jun, 12:00 UTC


1) Place your bets as tips when you vote


Max: 10 mil sats/bet
Min: 100k sats/bet

Portugal - 0.5 goals (1.50x) 4 votes · 700,000 satoshis
Morocco + 0.5 goals (2.10x) 1 votes · 10,000 satoshis

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Testerik posted · 7 hours ago in QAnon

This is what I like about MEMO. Trolls have to pay for trolling. By doing so they're supporting a cryptocurrency their bosses hate. Come on trolls, prove me I am wrong.

TheWildCard replied to post · 5 hours ago

Replying to @RealBitcoinClub's post

Thank you, wikilpedia is fake from bottom to top. Highly manipulative information. There is a documentary about "dark side of wikipedia"

I painstakingly uploaded documents to correct CSW's wikipedia page... took +/-1hr20 minutes.
pressed save, wikipedia policeperson wiped EVERYTHING.
Now I question their content.

Tritonio posted · 4 hours ago in memo

Memo have you considered showing threads in a reddit like style? More like a tree instead of frames within frames which honestly confuse me completely?

SuperHacker posted · 6 hours ago in memo

Yesterday 115622-114346=1276 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉8.6%

TrashPosterInTheDark replied to post · 3 hours ago

I would be pissed.

TheWildCard posted · 5 hours ago in stresstestbitcoin.cash

yes, @79b79aa8 10 weeks, scripts are coming will need to be tested. Meanwhile I'm happy to start 'spamming' memo with a book, might start with AynRand: The Virtue Of Selfishness

kek posted · 6 hours ago in stresstestbitcoin.cash

BCH Stresstest hereby added to my calendar. Will try to lose as much money as possible on games.bitcoin.com :)

TrashPosterInTheDark posted · 4 hours ago in Memo Suggestions

How many BCH where tipped should also be added in the statistic page.

solitude posted · 14 hours ago

My account has been up for only 12 days and it has already sent/received a total of 783+ transactions.

That's 65 tx/day.

That's half a percent of all BCH transactions.


Solitude for the win!

Calm_down_stupid posted · 7 hours ago

When you want to post a memo but haven't got anything interesting to say.....

MrG posted · 6 hours ago in stresstestbitcoin.cash

Excited to see merchants and us dominate over the BTC transactions this is going to be a lot of fun excited for the stresstest

StackmyBCHup posted · 13 hours ago in stresstestbitcoin.cash

Currently per day BCH handles ~15k tx, BTC does ~170k tx, we want to demonstrate to merchants, biz, investors & ourselves that BCH can handle millions of tx per day at minimum fee

Bitcoin.com Official posted · 10 hours ago in Yours.org

If you're into BCH you'll know that huge parts of Africa are already fully adopting it: https://www.yours.org/content/why-africa-needs-bitcoin-with-ray-youssef-of-paxful-4bc020d4ed7e

Vigorous Mike posted · 10 hours ago

Got another friend into BitcoinCash - he installed Bitcoin.com mobile wallet, then I gave him some BitcoinCash for his Birthday! - he thought it was fast!; he will probably go out spreading the word - hopefully ;).

Bitcoin.com Official posted · 10 hours ago in Bitcoin Faucet

Have you tried free.bitcoin.com?

mrscatman posted · 10 hours ago

slb posted · 6 hours ago in stresstestbitcoin.cash

Guys, when you make spam transactions, you can make it useful in the same time. Like publishing a book, article or picture on the blockchain. Don't just burn money. My 2 satoshi

@RealBitcoinClub replied to post · 6 hours ago

Replying to 79b79aa8's post

"25I-NBOMe blotters are sometimes misrepresented as, or mistaken for LSD blotters.[16] It is dangerous to attempt to differentiate the two using sensory techniques (i.e. taste) . . . "

Thank you, wikilpedia is fake from bottom to top. Highly manipulative information. There is a documentary about "dark side of wikipedia"

TrashPosterInTheDark replied to post · 7 hours ago

Replying to Vigorous Mike's post

Looking at the markets right now, just look at BCH - it is 8.04% in 24hrs!, 2nd place from ETH which is at 8.31%, then XRP 6.98%, BTC being LAST at 4.51%!. Bitcoin Core really are there own worst enemy!.

BTC became a unmovable giant turd.

Calm_down_stupid replied to post · 8 hours ago

Replying to kokansei's post

Got into bitcoin several years after the 2008 crisis, after starting a business and finally learning the truth about how the global money supply is managed and manipulated.

Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks

TheWildCard posted · 6 hours ago in stresstestbitcoin.cash

FYI September 1 falls on a Saturday, Saturday night posts, photo's and commentary should be interesting.

Bitcoin.com Official posted · 22 hours ago

Bitcoin Cash is the world's best money. Watch Roger Ver's behind the scenes and highlights at the CoinGeek conference.

Any thoughts on the video, post your thoughts in the comments.

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