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Summary: Mr Jason Chavannes says 🔧 to the 🧀 channel. After a bit of a think (~1906 days) he says 🧀. This seems like progress to me. It is the 🧀 channel after all.
9h · Dance and music
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2024-06-14, there were
14794 txs on BCH chain, 530643 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=2.8%
1882236-1882127=109 memo txs, 📉32.3%(compared w/ prev 161), account for 73.7‱ of all BCH txs
9h · Dance and music
I will only buy Donatello tokens at 100 Satoshis each or less. This is where you find them, https://memo.cash/token/8e324bd1d6eb510934c472affc200ff213ecef3cc757830712a11a0d4de0126a?for-sale
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My FAVORITE Privacy Tool

1d · Dance and music
1d · Dance and music
Gilpehmjen and Collidenine, since I created a new membership plan, now you need only 30,000 Donatello tokens to hold a Diamond membership. Feel free to sell your remaining 70,000 tokens!
memo cash is the real web3 social network. #memo #socialnetwork
your friends might not be here, but you will find better friends. 😉
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What happened to all your CashTokens? Mine are all still on https://app.cauldron.quest and you can trade them all the time. They are supported by the dance and music project.
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2024-06-13, there were
15390 txs on BCH chain, 688912 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=2.2%
1882127-1881966=161 memo txs, 📈56.3%(compared w/ prev 103), account for 1.0% of all BCH txs
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2024-06-12, there were
14197 txs on BCH chain, 636742 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=2.2%
1881966-1881863=103 memo txs, 📉12.7%(compared w/ prev 118), account for 72.6‱ of all BCH txs
These are the tests my sister needs but haven't been able to do yet because of a coincidental lack of money. Our family consecutively experienced problems related to health and money.
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Giveaway sponsored by the Dance and Music project at https://www.mintme.com/token/Dance-and-music. Leave a comment and you will receive some free Satoshis. #danceandmusictokens
2d · Dance and music
3d · xolosArmy
This will be the official twitterx profile for the XolosArmy Network State Initiative https://x.com/xolosArmy
puro pan y circo. mucha ignorancia con una pizca de analfabetismo incluso. te parten las piernas, luego te dan las muletas y tienes que estar agradecido hasta ser fanatico sino te vuelves el enemigo
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No taxation without representation.

Do you feel particularly represented by your government?

Maybe we can give up on the "representation" part and just take the "no taxation" part.
Need 2 invite to get daily combos of hamster Kombat,

Prediction market is the last item.
Here's my link, thank you,.
What's up everyone? How are you all?

I got busy in life and had no time to post here but I do check memo everyday to read others post or see some updates.

I'm also trying to learn about arbitrum.
Twitterx making likes private is Dumb AF 😂
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