RAD Times
· 1h · RAD Token *** The Random Air Drop Token ***
The 'RAD' Token. This token provides random airdrops at random times. First eleven to comment receive 100 RAD tokens! Super RAD.
· 3h
I want to give $500 of credit to #BitcoinCash #developers who are building BCH applications. We can work together to build better cloud infrastructure:
· 1h
xrp is cheater money
· 56m · QAnon
HRC (Ch 11) on Epstein Island
Unusual Uther
sent · 4,827 sats · 1h
Are you Ignis, Vidteks? Or is that a different individual?
· 1h · US Politics/Trump
Some "Russians" set up a few FB posts and that's election meddling. A bunch of dual citizen Jews struggling to impeach the president...
· 1h
· 4m
Goodnight to all of you of the community from Italy😴😴😴
· 45m · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
· 3h
The Crab Shell Exchange:
· 18m
If you need me to work for you the you need to work for me
· 26m
Wacky racer II update.
Sorry race fans, been really busy with things and just haven't got round to doing tonight's results.
Will do tonight's scores tomorrow morning :-)

And then tomorrow's results around 5pm GMT.
David knife
· 3h
this is the most deceptive world I have ever seen in my life the whole world is based on the shell game on steroids
· 10h · memo
BCH: 668597-667901=696 memo txs. num of txs📉15.2%, acount for 2.4% of all BCH txs(28966)
BSV: 817845-817795=50 memo txs. num of txs📈25%, (696313)
BTC: (283073), BCH/BTC=10.2%
· 7h
Death Spirals and BTC — What Happens When Miners Capitulate?
· 2h
What happens when a non SLP token-aware wallet receives an SLP token?
· 11h
Classic disinformation by Greagory Maxwell (nullc) about Mike Hearn: "Pretty exceptional track record for someone with a grand total of 11 commits over the entire life of the project."
· 4h · Tesla
I wanted a dose of cringe and you delivered good sir. Thank you.
· 2h · Tesla
You want cringe? My sweet cherry pie 😈 why didn't you just say so 😈 Here it is 😈 Eat your socks off.
( I bet you didn't see this one coming lol)
· 12h
*MUST SEE* An amazingly transparent #DASH presentation by @Dashpay, the Dash Core Group (DCG) development team:
#bitcoin #BCH #ETH #LTC #XRP #BitcoinCash #Ethereum
· 15h · ethereum
Ethereum's Istanbul hardfork goes live on block 9,069,000
Unusual Uther
· 18h
China is selling fake weed to all the pot heads through the mail, and it is going undetected because it is fake. And they are making money because US regulators wont legalize it.
· 2h
Coinbase earn is a pretty quick way to earn coins if you are interested. Bonus points if you convert the proceeds into BCH...

· 5h
Anybody know how to get a chart on BCH dollar volume moved? I believe it was second to BTC. I have seen the chart but don't remember how to retrieve it.
· 10h
Something isn't right with Cryptophyl. Someone placed an order, asked me to fill it. So I did but the other didn't receive BCH and the order was still there. But not in mine. Looks like I was selling to a middle man?