5 Lessons From Dune by Frank Herbert

The Shirky Principle: Institutions Try to Preserve the Problem to Which They Are the Solution
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I like tokens - Round 35
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Even though my hyperacidity often attacks me, I still can't really avoid drinking coffee. Without coffee, my day seems incomplete.
Have a blissful day ahead.
Good morning.
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Who of you like the Dune movie and why ?
memo > twitter x only an ignorant or fool can not see this ;)
What would be the best gift for a girl on her first wedding anniversary?

- A ring
- A dress
- laptop.

What you suggest? Tell in comments. The most appropriate comment will get some SATs free.
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Evening is the end of the day and beginning of the night.In evening time the most attractive thing is the scenery of the Sunset.In fact,many of them love to see the Sunset

BCH price down to $295 from $303 yesterday.
But what I'm confused at is, why my BCH wallet still shows a -100% on the side.
It's been like this since yesterday too.

Do you know why?
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Don't judge me for being tattooed and different. I consider myself very friendly and I can help you change the world 🌎🌍

Good morning 🌅

Rise and shine 💥
It's good time to wake up and make your day productive 💕

Have a good day ahead
Best wishes for everyone
#memo #bitcoin

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I like tokens - Round 34
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Good morning guys, just got busy again yesterday so I'm not active the whole day.
I only have time during morning before I go to work. But hoping to be active in Sunday cause I still have work at Saturday.

Good morning beautiful people in memo 🤗

Another day to feel blessed as we woke up and see the world again. Every new day is a chance to fulfill our dreams and reach our goal.
🙂Life's like a story - full of ups and downs. Enjoy good times, learn from tough ones, and find meaning in the adventure❣️
Good morning Madlang people! Rise and shine! 🌞 It's a cold morning now, I don't know why it's like this. It should be hitter not colder. But I am loving this weather.