Protocol uses P2PKH addresses. Actions are saved using OP_RETURN.

Message data is UTF-8 encoded. For example, this action would set your name to "memo":

OP_RETURN 6d01 6d656d6f

Action Codes

Action Prefix Values Status Example
Set name 0x6d01 name(76) Implemented Block Explorer
Post memo 0x6d02 message(76) Implemented Block Explorer
Reply to memo 0x6d03 txhash(20), message(53) Planned
Like / tip memo 0x6d04 txhash(20) Implemented Block Explorer
Set profile text 0x6d05 message(76) Planned
Follow user 0x6d06 address(35) Implemented Block Explorer
Unfollow user 0x6d07 address(35) Implemented Block Explorer
Set image base url 0x6d08 url(76) Planned
Attach picture 0x6d09 txhash(20), imghash(20), url(34) Planned
Set profile picture 0x6d10 imghash(16), url(61) Planned
Repost memo 0x6d11 txhash(20), message(63) Planned

Additional actions being considered:

Note: Actions that have not been implemented are subject to change.

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