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How can someone be pro-SV after the past fucking year?
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They affect the perception of the chain. Institutions will likely wait for more confirmations on BSV due to this. This does affect the user experience.
You can't be a revolutionary if you're not willing to put skin in the game.
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Interview with Roger Ver. He seemed to be like just a "Boy Next Door" looks! Hahaha. But damn, he looks really cute! Makes me wanna support Bitcoin Cash more.
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2nd. If it's cash, why would anybody have the need to cash out?
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Sorry to hear that
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Sorry to hear that
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Long term capital gains(over 1 year) is still 0 tax if you normally make less than 38,500 a year. It's 15% if you normally make less than 425,000 a year. It's Not worth moving.
Cobra stands by @Bitcoin Twitter handle in the current push to deplatform it.

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When I say "not that terrible" I mean I was not making lots of trouble where I parked.
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It was not that terrible. I think they are just abusing a foreigner. They didn't speak well English so I'm going to the station later to ask if this is fair.
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Bummer ;( I hate people messing with my car in general, but I guess it was “forbidden”...
Happy weekend
U.S. Crypto Tax Haven: Moving to Puerto Rico #2 - Don't Wait Until it's Too Late; Save Capital Gains
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#Memo may need to optimize the site to load faster based on the number of embedded videos that seem to be popping up...
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Big tip if you can help ;)
Does anyone know a way to convert a private key WIF format to the 12word seed phrase format so I can import a wallet into another app? Or does the process only go one way, words to private key, but not back again? Thx
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that's great, where do you work out of? do you accept bch for tattoos?