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3d · Universal Basic Income Token
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7d · Barrio Bitcoin
#BarrioBitcoin achieved the prolonged adoption of #BCH in a private university (UBA), to use this method of change and build a more sustainable local economy...
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Yup thats why I'm filling my bag with #BCH
What's happening around here
Memo is silent
BCH is going down again
And no movement on Cauldron
When it'll be changed
I want some noise

#memo #BCH #Cauldron
🔥¡Nuevo episodio de #LEP2P! Hoy traemos un comentario sobre el libro «Hijacking Bitcoin», acerca de la historia la visión original de Satoshi que permanence en #BCH #BitcoinCash.
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Let's get some free #BCH 😁🤭

I got 10 of this new token on cauldron, it's not listed yet, and without any name, only letters and numbers. Price is 3 sats.
Anyone got the same? From who?
#cashtokens #BCH #cauldron
BCH's price is pumping recently; it just crossed $630. It seems like this time it's going to break all records. What do you think? Will it break all the previous records and make a new ATH or not?
#BCH #MemoCash
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I think that more #BCH developers should come to #Memo to share their findings since there are people here willing to use them
This cycle BCH will claw itself back up to at least ~0.1 BTC & retake its place in top 10 crypto marketcap. This is important because BCH have to win the p2p cash agenda for freedom!

The time is now!

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A Blessed morning from anonymous tipper. Thank you! 🤗

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0413/0730 Pst
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Crypto Reader 1BV29L
By using #BCH you'll forget other coins 😉
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real real money. Our work in #BarrioBitcoin is achieving a large adoption in Venezuela and the most important thing is that we have a place to spend them, paying only with #BCH

It's my birthday., 🥳
Halving tomorrow. I hope the BCH continues to pump high.
It will be my happiest birthday gift.😍

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0403/0734 Pst

Exciting times ahead for BCH! With the current price at $429, anticipation is high for a climb back to $500 and beyond. Hold tight for potential gains! 🚀💰

#BCH #CryptoPrices
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Follow Topic UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME TOKEN and post your address under the Topic in order to receive the #GTU Global Trade Unit #github #crypto #SLP #math #love #code #programming #BCH
What do you do when you wake up in the mid of the night ?
I just checked the Memo
Specially when it's active and I wish it stay active for long time 💓
It gives happiness to many people
#Memo #BCH
I really want to save some money
But my needs are still waiting for it 😔
What to do whenever i think that now i have no more expenses now I'll save some money but no all in Vien
Do you have some saving?
#BCH #Money
25d · Barrio Bitcoin
Today we educated some merchants about #BCH in the next few days they will be added to our merchant portfolio. For each business we must educate at least 20 people so that they can spend

The essence of every Coin is to become real money and this is the strength that BCH has because it fulfills all the requirements in the best way.

#BCH #BitcoinCash #BCHNEWS
BCH price is going to cross $700 🚀
Happy to see that market is green now

It'll go more up or not?
Should I exchange BCH or wait?

#BCH #Bitcoincash
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Yup 😛 #BCH is really a wonderful with less fee and fast transactions 🤗
45d · Barrio Bitcoin
Giveaway - Round 41 Follow me, ❤️ this post please and Upload a video from the YouTube channel @PanteraCrypto 💰💰💰 100 $BARRIOBCH #Memo #BCH

Thank you so much the random tipster to make my day beautiful
This type of notifications give you energy to do more good
I wish that you come daily nd spread happiness to everyone

Yay, just won from Kim's activity in Cashrain. More rains to come.🥳🚀

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!
#cashrain #crypto #bch
53d · Barrio Bitcoin
Giveaway - Round 39 Follow me, ❤️ this post please and Upload a video from the YouTube channel @BitcoinMap 💰💰💰 10 winners 50.000 sats #Memo #BCH