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@memo I want to creat a poll with 37options in it(Actually it is an article),but failed. keeps sending bible. Yesterday who have sent 485 bible posts.
Yesterday 319206-318829=377 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉41.2%|abc(319185-318808=377,📉41.1%),sv(707125-706463=662,📉14.5%)
China have joined the battle of 3D NAND SSD. The price of SSD will crash 3 years later. Therefore we needn't to worry about the increasing cost of blockchain storage.
The OP_RETURN limit have gone on BSV. Good feature!
Yes, creates about 475 bible posts everyday.
Yesterday 318829-318188=641 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉2.1%|abc(318808-318168=640,📉2.4%),sv(706463-705689=774,📉6.2%)
Yesterday, @Bitcoin Cash Activist have made over 100 txs, and have made over 470 Bible posts.
Yesterday 318188-317533=655 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈38.8%|abc(318168-317512=656,📈39.0%),sv(705689-704864=825,📉3.4%) have been posting Bible since 2019-01-18, which created over 600 txs.
Yesterday 317533-317061=472 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈37.6%|abc(317512-317040=472,📈37.6%),sv(704864-704010=854,📈134.6%)
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I'm happy to announce the release of Memo mobile app for Android! (iOS coming soon)
@Bitcoin Cash Activist created many tx during [2019-01-15, 2019-01-16]
Yesterday 317061-316718=343 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉45.6%|abc(317040-316697=343,📉45.6%),sv(704010-703646=364,📈40%)
Yesterday 316718-316087=631 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉4.7%|abc(316697-316067=630,📉5.0%),sv(703646-703386=260,📉16.9%)
Yesterday 316087-315425=662 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉31.6%|abc(316067-315404=663,📉31.6%),sv(703386-703073=313,📈3.6%)
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Unlinked page that lists sends:

Glad to see people finding it useful.
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You can now post multi-line messages in topics using shift+enter.

Bitcoin Cash Activist( ) created over 500 txs yesterday, most of them are follow txs.
Yesterday 315425-314457=968 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈114.2%|abc(315404-314435=969,📈114.4%),sv(703073-702771=302,📈64.1%) have made over 700 txs in 5 days(since Jan 10)
Yesterday 314457-314005=452 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈83.7%|abc(314435-313983=452,📈83.7%),sv(702771-702587=184,📈10.2%)
2 hours later due to flight. But I've substracted the txs after 2019-01-14 13:00:00 UTC
Yesterday 314005-313759=246 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉52.3%|abc(313983-313737=246,📉52.3%),sv(702587-702420=167,📉6.7%)