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I've tried neutrino wallet, but I cannot encrypt my wallet. When input my fingerprint or PIN, it seems like the app was frozon, and I had to clear its data.
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But I'm busy now. In following days, I'll post my thinks about SLP in this topic.
Simple Ledger Protocol is a important infrastructure for BCH ecosystem, It makes BCH as fuel, and will increase the demand to BCH. I'm considering some business model based on SLP, and wanna discuss.
I'm shuffling my coins in my electrum cash hot wallet with
What prevent BCH from using is that there lacks of ways to easily get BCH. New comers have to got it from exchanges / OTC, that's a horrible experience.
Exchanges makes BCH seems like a stock, but we want BCH to be the cash.
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I hope avalanche be actived by all BCH teams this year
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bitcoin-abc-0.19.1 released
SLP maybe the best way to issue virtual gift cards. merchants nolonger need to build a gift card system. Issue gift card is easier than issue stable coins, and can break some BCH banning policies in some countries.
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‘庭 には 2羽の 鶏が います’ pronounced as 'niwa niwa niwano niwatoliga yimasu' in japanese.
Translation is 'there are two chickens in the yard'.
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