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Hello Memos. Do you have a stealth mode project going on?
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· 1d
Crescentcash has telegram now
replied · 21h
I'm courious about when will Electron Cash integrate SLP and Cash Shuffle together?
Electron Cash SLP Edition 3.5.1 released for Windows, Mac, and Linux
· 1d
testing out the post to Twitter option again with some #digital art (it's an unfinished project)
· 1d · Memo
You can now view self-replies rolled up. Link in block explorer dropdown, e.g.
· 1d · memo
Monthly plan available for users with lots of token purchases -
BCH: 530982-529575=1407 memo txs. num of tx📉25.5%, account for 3.2% of all BCH txs(43340)
BSV: 798732-798442=280 memo txs. num of txs📈3.6%, (134990)
BTC: (301559), BCH/BTC=14.4%
BCH: 529575-527687=1888 memo txs. num of tx📈39.2%, account for 4.1% of all BCH txs(45943)
BSV: 798442-798162=280 memo txs. num of txs📈80.6%, (139919)
BTC: (320636), BCH/BTC=14.3%
BCH: 527687-526331=1356 memo txs. num of tx📉25.1%, account for 3.0% of all BCH txs(45861)
BSV: 798162-798007=155 memo txs. num of txs📉9.9%, (133886)
BTC: (342261), BCH/BTC=13.4%
replied · 3d
woow BCH is growing a lot.
BCH: 526331-524520=1811 memo txs. num of tx📈58.9%, account for 3.6% of all BCH txs(50392)
BSV: 798007-797835=172 memo txs. num of txs📈56.4%, (132831)
BTC: (328944), BCH/BTC=15.3%
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replied · 4d
replied · 4d
BCH doing 14% of btc transactions.
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I am among the top 10 memo users with the most followers!
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Yes Tele you are a hardcore memo user :)
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BCH: 524520-523380=1140 memo txs. num of tx📈8.3%, account for 2.4% of all BCH txs(46764)
BSV: 797835-797725=110 memo txs. num of txs📉72.6%, (135278)
BTC: (341910), BCH/BTC=13.7%
BCH: 523380-522327=1053 memo txs. num of tx📉8.4%, account for 2.3% of all BCH txs(46799)
BSV: 797725-797324=401 memo txs. num of txs📉8.7%, (136054)
BTC: (299006), BCH/BTC=15.7%
July 2019, Flowee(BCH) lines of development(C++):
Commit from e07083d to 83d455a
53 commits, 223 files changed, 1178 insertions(+), 20800 deletions(-)
July 2019, BCHD(BCH) lines of development(Go):
Commit from 7b20981 to 2e2e205
51 commit, 64 files changed, 8980 insertions(+), 3240 deletions(-)
Aug. 2019, Bitcoin-Core(BTC) lines of development(C++):
Commit from 25f0edd to 7d6f63c
297 commits, 244 files changed, 4678 insertions(+), 2915 deletions(-)