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There are still some miners whose electric cost is 0, because they are stealing energy powers. I think if BTC price is not dropping sharply, they will mine.
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Pass the torch 😂
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It is one of the well-known side effects. Stop smoking it and see if you become less paranoid.
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But difficulty cannot bump as fast as price when price bump sharply. That means, MOST miners can get profit only when price is bumping fast.
replied · 7h
Difficulty will drop with the price drop. That means at any price, there will exists a few miners that still profitable.
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Published my first article, `Thoughts on "Store of Value"`, on! <3
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Choice of publishing platform for the lyrics of my song titled 'Epstein didn't kill himself', set to the tune of 'Never Gonna Give You Up' ?
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· 12h · Tesla
Thought this was a joke, it looks like a shitty Lego Prius. Not sure what they were going for, other than maybe the prepper or tank-enthusiast demographic. It would look so douchey on the highway lol
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Perfect merchant: has a balance, pays expenses and employees in crypto
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That's right. The ecosystem is still too small for that.
· 10h
Guys, don't worry about the prices. Worry about usage, development and adoption.
· 9h
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I experienced the same in badger wallet and found out its network problem....
· 8h
My spice amount is displayed incorrectly.

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I agree. It seems BSVer have nearly gone from memo. I seldom able to read BSVers' new posts recently, while I haven't unfollowed / mute them.
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