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Stay safe everyone.
It's okay to cry. It's not a sign of weakness. It will help you illiminate some of your hard feelings inside.
Rainy afternoon 🌧, feeling so sleepy right now.
I would like to thank all my tippers here. You were all the reason why I survive to make a post here. Thank you very much for your generosity. God bless you all.

Our electric bill is here 😳. Oh no! It almost reached $100 for a single month. I was so stressed seeing it this morning.

Shareit app is still paying free load until now. I am doing the daily tasks to earn more points. This is why I don't need to purchase a load anymore.
It's been raining here early in the morning 🌧. The wind is very cold and I love hearing the raindrops on our roof. This would gonna be a more comfortable day for me. But it is hard to do things outside due to rain.

It happened to my twitter many times. Actually I am afraid to loose access with my twitter account because I am using that to participate in active cashrains.
The more we get, The less we have. To be greedy is not a good habit. That will only destroy the beauty of this world.

I paid my Gcredit balance. I used that in paying our monthly bills last month.
Live the way you love. Don't let others ruin your passion and dreams. It's your life so you have the right to make yourself happy and contended.
Crypto is fun to explore as it offers a variety of ways to earn and invest for. This is called the modern era of digital assets. I know there are many platforms that can help us earn for free, keep on searching☺️.
Nigh time again, I was so bored this day. Nothing much to do.
They said "wait for the right time"
I said "start now! Don't wait to loose your time"

This would gonna be a worst update of X, formerly Twitter. A members fee? Oh no, this would affect the cashrain earnings.
In this world, parience is very important to have. If we have patience over things then we can have the chance to grab those things we've been waiting for too long. But it takes a lot of courage to have more patience.
Good night memo, see you all again tomorrow.
I wish there would be a stable web3 social media that pays.
No water supply, OMG, wala man lang abiso.

Ready to redeem my 15 pesos mobile load through Shareit app.
Today is laundry day for me. I am done eating my breakfast and will start doing my laundry in just a few minutes. Blanket and bed sheets only for today. But the sun isn't showing at the moment.
My crypto journey begun with From then I earned BCH and it became my number 1 crypto. Until today I still searching for earning platform that supports BCH.
I am so bored this day. The spark in doing tasks online has faded now. My crypto earning has dropped sadly. Is this the end of my crypto journey?
I feel so hungry right now. I want some street foods