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from their ranks to the public at large, if only because they don't want to reveal the level of the problem they have.
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Seriously though, China diminishing the *TOTAL* # of cases causes worldwide threat to be underestimated. US Military will *likely* do a better job of keeping themselves from spreading
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Well, it's not a great idea to project a decrease military readiness. You know we are under constant attack by Putin, right? He's practically at our border, ask Palin.
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11m · COVID-19
US, March 31: 163,539 known cases, 2,860 deaths. 1.75% death rate. Cases up 16.1% since previous day.
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Good morning Earth
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34m · COVID-19
China fails to report every single case - "CCP is evil incarnate and intentionally spreading the virus!"

[US Military stops reporting cases entirely]( - *crickets*
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Food for thought: If you keep tipping digital beggars then memo will turn into an even bigger turd than it is now.
Thanks to the Philippine government for the relief gods.

Russia Postpones Its Crypto Law Again, Now Blaming Coronavirus
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This is true. Tipping them doesn't solve their problems long term. I made the suggestion that they should look for sponsors to spread adoption.
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Hi boss yoshilivo im @juldau
I take two garlic oil pills 2000 MG's in the morning and then 2 Kyolic(Aged garlic extract) pills 600 MG's at night to help prevent getting the C19 and any other crap going around.
Unusual Uther
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Maybe they used the money to buy fishing equipment?
For two days in a row I have dreamed that I have started studying Law, it is a sign that I must follow 😍
Bhupendra wasti
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already joined @bhupendrawasti
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We've seen these Extreme Fear readings before... = BULLISH #Crypto