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Imagine if memo.cash #memo would still be open source, then anyone could implement that easily & fast. That is the advantage of #opensource! Evolve faster by collaboration.
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Computer Hardware except for #bitcoin equipment is extreeeeemely overpriced in #Venezuela its actually so ridiculous that my Notebook from 2014 is more performant than the most expensive that you can get here.
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Yesterday, there were
17500 txs on BCH chain, 339025 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=5.2%
1153330-1152200=1130 memo txs, 📉12.6% (compared w/ prev 1293), account for 6.5% of all BCH tx
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#memo could add plugins, so that UX/UI designers could build their own UX/UI based on memo.cash components. Then UX/UI designers can sell the plugins to the users which choose their UX/UI #trbc #bmap
XPHX reached 1,000sats for the first time in Anycoin.cash
Each Friday we have 21,000 XPHX airdrop .
Each month we pay back 11% of all income from selling tokens to the XPHX community as Dividend.
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Nice slave mentality.
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White men are people too
You are unable to think without "leaders" aren't you ?
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@TeamKenFM #KenFM promotes the Dow Jones instead of #Bitcoin in their latest headline.
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White men are people too
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What if there are smart contracts, and then world leaders step in at the opportune moment and DEMAND changes of protocol away from smart contracts? Strictly forbidden to use old stuff?
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Well, your questioning also has to be scientifically sound. Many think that just questioning makes them right, which is also anything but science.
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Technically the winner has not officially been called. Regardless what the media says. & various other misinformed ppl. But ppl 'saying so' don't make it actually so.
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See, governments do stupid shit like this and then stupid people think there's not actually a Pandemic