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Thank you, I feel better now.

I know there's flood likes on Facebook but what I see in memo is flood comments.
I know you want to be notice but isn't nice to have a good interaction, answer if he comments back.
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Get well soon. Keep warm.

I feel better...

I feel sick earlier or since last night. I vomit 3 or 4 times already and feel cold. I can't also find our thermometer. Good thing I feel better, just took some meds
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Hope Trump will win the election again. He is a great man and I like him.
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Wjich project this is.?
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Hot with windy
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For now it was so hot here
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Dark clouds maybe it will rain
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So much hot in the city
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The UNI price has recorded a jump of over 72% in valuation, making it the top gainer of the day in the crypto industry.
Price now: $12.06
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Good day TipHunter. Enjoy your time.
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Uniswap (UNI) price gains 50% after fee-sharing governance proposal
I've just opened memo and what a surprise, the noise is back again, all the sleeping users have been awaken by the new generous one,.
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Yes, there's a new one and most users are alive again. Before we are only four here including #Donatello and #Xoloarmy and few active.

Another good for elon musk and tesla, technogy fast evolution
17m · COVID-19
Organized library of more than one thousand peer reviewed articles which show that Covid-19 "vaccines" are harmful.
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Intelectual alwaysbbe part of the invision in a new heights
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Let's just keep the noise up and make memo noisier than before.
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Wow fantastic invasion
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