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Unusual Uther
Even we dont know each other so much, i want you to meet my siblings😊 From now on you will be a good friend of mine.😊
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Unusual Uther
I'll see my siblings Uther. Thats make me so happy i miss them so much. Thankyou for being a good friend here.
Signal is unusable under the sheer load of new users. Twitter and the left have been AMAZING at making encryption, decentralized tech, and censorship-resistant platforms go mainstream! 🎉🎉🔥🚀
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$550M bitfinex DEBT
White men are people too
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Interesting initiative, supporting/suggesting that police stop enforcing "victimless crimes" laws instead of "defunding" police.
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Please Uther save me for being starving 😭😭😭 please 😭
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listed 1,591,188.185 RFND for 3,170,000 satoshis (1.99222193 each) 10m

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Dash is a premine scamcoin shilled by people who have ZERO expertise in software engineering
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I don’t *think* inflammation -> stroke but don’t know for sure. Of course COVID very often causes strokes during active infection phase.
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Im using memo
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Click the star icon between the heart and the B symbol. A menu pops up showing your SLP coins.
Here, have some
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Nice quote
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Secure Scuttlebutt. Fully decentralized, Tor-friendly application platform with a social network on top
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Animato - Harmonize
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I don't get it. Kudos to you
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Unusual Uther
Im so excited Uther. Im going home
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That's a lesson for all banks.
LOL @ NRA, they’ve been bankrupt a long time
Now, JPFO ... *that’s* a badass pro-gun organization