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I kind of remember that, I think I meant one though, not 5 lol.
I need 1942000 sats
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Gumegx golgom
Hello every buddy
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Ma Junior 1MBFpC
I'm sad since I found out that my daughter's and I are both sick, why my daughter's too? Why not me?I came from a poor family, hopefully we don’t experience this anymore.
DonMekus 12p7mC
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DonMekus 12p7mC
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How far mate. Just followed you
I am playing some live piano music on twitch.

Come listen!

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I love posting sad quotes and i dont want to use this acc before..but im going to delete them all now..
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I kind of remember that, I think I meant one though, not 5 lol.
Hi! If you need convert pdf to xls, go to https://www.coolutils.com/PDF-to-XLS
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The typhoon is not in our place..its in the other part of the philippines..you told me before to make other acc so we are going to talk there and to yours other acc too..
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I know, I'm sorry lol, I don't understand why you are on so many accounts, are you worried about that typhoon?
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Universal basic income and dedicated strategically placed camping locations (so campers can be humanely directed to move away from crowded public common spaces) might help solve some houseless human complexities.
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Stop muting my acc..i am going to delete them all..i am sorry if i posted things that make you sad or upset..
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