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I love all this stuff about the great mud flood. So interesting
I've found a picture of SilentSam:

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thank you Memo friends😘
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Good evening my friend thank you😘.
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Thank you my friend😘
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Thank you and same too you.
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happy mother's day to your love mom 🎉 hope enjoy being a good and responsible mom ever
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How the hell are you going too write 1$ on a silver coin and say it is worth that, only idiots in the government could do something that stupid.
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How hard is it to not put a value on the minted silver coins and let the silver float on the current market value, the idiots in the government are hell bent on putting numbers on them
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Morons in the government think ten thousand dollars is a lot.
I guess it was 50 years ago before the morons at the central bank destroyed everything.
Some of us are asking that all nonconsensual psychiatry and psychiatric coercion be outlawed.
Transactions in cash of $10,000 or more, in most cases, have to be reported to the federal government, and if you cross the border carrying $10,000 or more you have to declare it or risk having it seized.