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384d · COVID-19
Simulating an Epidemics Spread:
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565d · global warming

This might help a couple deranged "adults" here
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568d · Capitalism
Its true, capitalism is on the way out. It is inherently exploitative, racist and prevents natural human and environmental development for profit. It truly is a sinister, cancerous system.
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AI is going to pass us up before we know it
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580d · memo
Monthly plan available for users with lots of token purchases - https://memo.cash/blog/lower-purchase-fees
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Token Cemetery
The final resting place of shit-tokens.
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Oh, instantly back to ad hominems...

Go bitch about @Bitcoin. 😂
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591d · Capitalism
territories. Its why they have an abject hatred of any sort of communal-based living. Because that undermines the LIE that you need to slave away your life for someone else (them).
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591d · Capitalism
Capitalism is an inherently exploitative system that isn't really suited for modern economies. In essence, capitalism was created to codify and manage the theft of native resources in colonial
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610d · memo
You can now link your Twitter account in settings and automatically post Memos. Thanks @JettScythe for pushing for this, it's now a native feature :)
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628d · Tokens
You can also view tips by individual tokens, e.g. for SPICE: https://memo.cash/token/4de69e374a8ed21cbddd47f2338cc0f479dc58daa2bbe11cd604ca488eca0ddf?tips
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Hi everyone :^)
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Here's a summary of all the software I've updated today:


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Thanks for reporting! This should be resolved now.
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639d · Racism