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Hey God y dun u take my life, better than let me live like this? Losing all token, my son also be taken away by the *** bf- who beated me coz I trìed to protected his aunty. It's over my patience. Damn, stupid N
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yes I'm fine :/
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If still have problem contact me in telegram I will help. ( And how to use PIZZA (🍕) I need some bch now can I exchange with you
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Send me 84,211 SPICE pls: https://airdrop.spice.casa/
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Stay strong a girl inside me, pls. It's ok even facing lost of all token under hard time for money, u need to be strong. Keep calm & find other back up plan, u can do it. All dog/cat in rescue team need u, keep going
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Ah got it! Will try it out!
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you having sex isn't a noble cause. it's a degn cause
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I’d work for spice too.. lol
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I just need $75 to get my phone back on... I'm missing calls from my DR & work since my job is done through my phone (at home care representative).. please help
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what I wanted for lunch
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Next time I will not buy spicy salami for my breakfast, I will just pour gasoline over bread and set it on fire.
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You can't. Not here. You upload pics to imgur, then place a link here.
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I accidentally muted myself in member.
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Good night every have a cold night to all of you..be safe
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random liker
I’m surprised it hasn’t seen more traction. If the lightbringer is dropping 3 BCH in March and 4 in April as planned, these placer coins should have a better ROI.
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Im German, my Englisch sucks
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Hey Guys, im new Here
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I have faith in our community. For all the scammers, there are plenty of decent, upstanding, folks among us. Thanks for keeping your sats in the ecosystem instead of deflationary fiat.
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They are worried, rightly so that not enough people will use it to justify the investment, because of fear of taxation among other things.
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Oh yeah.... I got married yesterday btw lol
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Unusual Uther
yeah I felt like doing something a little different
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Wacky Racer Mr S Memorial donation.

Just dropped off the donation to cancer research UK :-)

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Crypto whisperer
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Hope you will like it Kind Sire