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Is this the one that replaces ⛏ Collier Coin? I've been wondering why I haven't seen activity for it.... We supposed to exchange for this one?
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Unusual Uther
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Can you send me your 42 token and I will send you some BCH?
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A power outage leaves the crew of Sealab in the dark
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In The Eye Of Hurricane Laura, Storm Damage Carlyss LA - 8/27/2020
31,340 views•Aug 27, 2020


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The fascist dictatorship led by Angela "Hitler" Merkel of Germany disrespects once again §20 of the fake constitution "Grundgesetz" When will the Germans realize their only way to freedom is #bitcoin & tax avoidance?
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Three pieces of bread for my family's dinner.
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I gotta pay my miner expenses, who wants some MAZE - https://memo.cash/token/feed - complimentary DIVVY w/ every purchase!
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https://flipstarter.eatbch.org/ help feed regular people in South Sudan and Venezuela who are struggling with economic disruption due to heavy Corona virus restrictions and terrible inflation.
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Sir can you help me too .to buy cream for my allery . I dont have no work .sir . Please notice me
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Just made a pledge for the Member Flipstarter campaign: http://flipstarter.member.cash/
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Hi Sir Uther Good Evening ,can I ask you some tokens please
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hi sir hope you can help me buy food please sir
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Look at my littlr plant sir uther they all small . Hoping you notice this sir . Haist
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please somebody buy my token😭😭
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BitcoincashJ Flipstarter is over 91% funded!
Just 5.41 BCH to go!!

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Sir I have no token,can you tip me some?
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Sadly he trusts big pharma too much. Hopefully he'll wake up to their lies and how they suppress REAL cures.... For his own sake. He means well.
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what I find most fun in the memo is when someone buys some token of mine, I prefer it more than tips #Memo
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I sell ky spice yoken . Hope you checked it . And buy it sir please.
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Hyper-Inflation, Capital Destruction…Gold And Silver (RTD Q&A ft. Darryl Schoon)
858 views•Streamed live 5 hours ago


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You are the only person help me in every time i need help hoping you noctice me . I dont have any token to sell . If you like i will sell my account to you to earn some satoshi😭😭
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11days before school opens 😭😭😭😭
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1 month spending vs. 2 century combine. Hyperinflation coming?? The end of the Fed?? Everyone suddenly became crypto happy!