Off-site Parent


Steps for setting up an off-site parent:

  1. Open jMemo Parent Key example in your browser:
  2. Use the generated mnemonic or enter your own
  3. Backup and secure the mnemonic phrase - THIS IS YOUR MASTER KEY
  4. Click "Get API Token (w/Memo)"
    • Optionally can get token directly from API instead and fund manually
  5. Enter amounts to fund address and API (10k each is more than enough)
  6. Click "Connect" to go back to jMemo Parent Key Example
  7. Copy the Main Address
  8. Visit Memo account setup/upgrade
  9. Select the last option, "Setup master key for your identity"
  10. Paste the Main Address
  11. Click "Request Link to Master Key"
  12. Go back to the jMemo Parent Key Example
  13. Click the "Check Link" tab
  14. Click "Check Link Request" button
    • It should populate the Tx Hash, Child, and Message fields
  15. Verify the child address is correct and matches your Memo account
  16. Click "Create Link Accept"
  17. Click "Sign Accept"
  18. Click "Broadcast Signed Accept"
  19. Congratulations! You have now setup an Off-site Master Parent Key!