You can send funds to external wallets. Are you getting an error or something?
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Hi Memo. Is it not possible to send funds from one's Memo wallet to another "normal" BCH wallet?
Did you know that when lightning strikes the earth it can create a large shockwave?
Am super glad to be back on memo, have been trying to figure out what my password was. Thankfully it finally worked!

Since November, there's been so many strides towards building the tools needed to get Bitcoin going.

The more people friendly Memo, Bitstagram and now bottle could unlock more value.

Building on a protocol which doesn't change at the whims of people makes practical sense, it also allows one to rest assured that you're not building on sand, or advocating for a coin which was built on rock that is looking to replace it's foundation because of "x" reason.
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Been trying to learn about block chain,TokenEconomics,Crypto so that I can inform and educate my friends about this.
Any other topics you recommend?
Like Systems Thinking,Game theory etc?
"The UnitedCorp (likely Calvin Ayre & Associates) Lawsuit Alleging Hijacking of the Bitcoin Cash Network by Bitmain,, Kraken and Bitcoin ABC Devs is complete horsesh*t:"
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So I got Badger, now what? What can I do with it? Which sites allow logging in through Badger? Any recommendations are welcome. Will it integrate with Memo somehow?
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A quick question, is it possible to display images from Bitstagram here on memo by just pasting the link?

hello all . first post . snowy day in Vermont . I don't know how this year is going to go .
Hello Am new and just got to know about this awesome site.
Good way for earn and investing in miner .

lets work together
If in the future my account gets hacked, and someone creates malicious content.. How do I prove it was not me if my signature was used?

Suppose there's some existing laws in place to help determine this.

Anyway, just a shower thought.
BCH: 346979-346284=695 memo txs. num of txs📉0.4%, BCH stress testing(36926)
BSV: 728057-727578=479 memo txs, num of txs📈14.6%, account for 9.4% of all BSV txs(5099)
I.e "Tweet" here, and then Bitcoin people can have a good time reading, while Twitter people will be drawn here. Win-win!
The Craig Steven Wright fiasco would be written on the blockchain forever... Good idea!
No dont move cant delete the bs 😂
"I have had some conversations with Core developers, and they want to change the 21M limit after BTC experiences two reward halvings, which means in five to ten years."
This is my first drop on this platform. I am Engineer samest and i am trying to understand movement on this platform. I am a psychologist with business oriented mind and I am here to drop some idea that will help many
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A custom Guinea Pig Samurai Tattoo that I did. This is one of those pieces that is so original and unique that it was just super fun to make and quite a memorable one in my portfolio.

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