Random Air Drop (RAD)

Type: Normal
Decimals: 5
Document: Random Air Drops for holders - this project may end at any time

sent 100 RAD to 34d
sent 225 RAD to 92d
sent 3 RAD to 211d
sent 137 RAD to 1068d
sent 448 RAD to
sent 448 RAD to 1278d
listed 448 RAD for 582,400 satoshis (1,300 each) CANCELLED 1278d

sent 10 RAD to
sent 667 RAD to 1497d
listed 667 RAD for 933,800 satoshis (1,400 each) CANCELLED 1497d

sent 626 RAD to 1497d
listed 626 RAD for 876,400 satoshis (1,400 each) 1497d

bought 128 RAD for 179,200 satoshis (1,400 each) from
Richard knife
Richard knife
sent 128 RAD to
Richard knife
Richard knife
listed 128 RAD for 179,200 satoshis (1,400 each) SOLD 1498d

tipped 225 RAD 1504d
I know have a problem. My itchy fingers created 500 DOG tokens but what I suppose to do with it so that it becomes a cyfrog, spice for eg? Really need some hand holding on this 😔
sent 539 RAD to 1511d
listed 539 RAD for 808,500 satoshis (1,500 each) CANCELLED 1511d

sent 539 RAD to 1512d
listed 539 RAD for 835,450 satoshis (1,550 each) CANCELLED 1512d

sent 273 RAD to
bought 430 RAD for 645,000 satoshis (1,500 each) from 1515d
sent 430 RAD to 1519d
listed 430 RAD for 645,000 satoshis (1,500 each) SOLD 1519d

sent 400 RAD to 1519d