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Thanks man :-)
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Well, then none of the above. My hot wallet is always open, and my cold is less than once a month (or year really).
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1/3/5 days price data is available now for SPICE,DROP,SAI tokens and Pulse avg Index as well! -
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Increased my default tip - reply to this message for some sats
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Lowest price for MEMO is 900k, all your DNT + 66.67 SPICE = 900k (lowest rate on memo token exchange for each token)
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Unusual Uther
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263d · Ideas to improve our lives
No matter how down we feel or how bad things are, not giving up is in fact the idea that will keep you very happy and most likely help you succeed,only when we give up we fail
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In the last 30 days, Tether paid computers which process transactions on Ethereum $260,000 in fees. That’s about 17.5 times more than CryptoKitties and six times more than IDEX.
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In a recent study by leading academics, it was discovered that having 🍺 tokens made you 6x more attractive to the opposite sex.

🍺 probably the best SLP in the world.
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Anyone got any of those SLP tokens?
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Hello Folks, finally I am here, too .
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301d · Donut Token ($DNT)
cool 15 followers so far = 140 $DNT (1,400,000 sats based on current price) were given away!
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301d · Donut Token ($DNT)
FEED ME! 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
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301d · Donut Token ($DNT)
Om nom
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302d · Donut Token ($DNT)
Hey give me some donut :P
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302d · Donut Token ($DNT)
Hey give me some donut :P
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304d · Donut Token ($DNT)
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I'm watching my waistline !! 🍩 make me chubby !!
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304d · Donut Token ($DNT)
glad to see you here :)
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304d · memo
BCH: 481663-480462=1201 memo txs. num of txs📈2.7%, account for 2.4% of all BCH txs(50576)
BSV: 782666-782342=324. num of txs📈45.3%, (116084)
BTC: (338790)
Tx: BCH/BTC=14.9%
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304d · Donut Token ($DNT)
I'm here! :)
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Wow. 27 new users on memo in the last two days 😱😎 #memo #memobch
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I'm curious where your experimental token is going...
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306d · Donut Token ($DNT)
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Been doing a #dailymemo for over three months now. I set out to do it for a year, but I'm not sure it's accomplishing anything. Do any of my fellow Memonites think I should continue?