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it would be an achievement for us and we would demonstrate the power of BCH in the world coincidentally today conference day
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i need like 250,000 more sats to make a killer NFT. its gonna be 🔥🔥🔥
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if you can get local merchants to sign up, people will give you bch for equipment
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Should I visit?
Cebu 4 votes · 600 satoshis
Cordova 5 votes · 550 satoshis


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get them on memo so we can buy take out on bch
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get one of your local businesses to sign up for BCH and Memo so we can start placing orders. like bitcoin cash pizza memo day.
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slay3r, here's your picture!
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SLP Token BURNER: Tokens sent to me will be burnt
🔥Tokens Tipped To Me Will Be Burnt! 🔥
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Trained on All Code Ever plus every CS book and manual ever written and has gradient-descent distilled this into a vast many-dimensional matrix into which you can easily feed new data.
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