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I agree with you, maybe if it's too much of usage if it's in moderation we can use it positively
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Wow! You got many tokens
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Hala! Thanks ma'am yan pa naman talaga unang pumapasok sa isipan ko kapag nakakarinig ako ng SLP. 😂
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These are the example tokens in the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) they can be found in your profile here at memo.cash

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I hope one's effort is matched by goodness. Right now it seems like it's better not to expect it because people are selfish now. Me before others is the man's motto today
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I'm forever grateful to Bitcoin Cash that makes me motivates to earn more because of blogging like noise.cash/read.cash. Just worked hard and post 100% original content.

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Indeed, simplicity can bring a sense of peace and contentment to our lives. Embrace the beauty in simplicity and find joy in the little things. 😊🌼
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