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Yes, SLP is a unique usecase here. Lots of tokens and dividends being passed around the memo community.
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no worries bud!
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Jeez, no wonder USDT & Co get away with many clueless people that act like they know it all, have no idea they being scammed.
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Coinbase seems to be excelling without USDT.
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1556d · Tokens
I must be the most active SLP token user by volume / value:

Had more USDH than Coinex itself for a while
Bought the most expensive token so far (1 BCH)
And I am SPICE token millionaire
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1556d · SPICE Token
Someone is buying up all the SPICE tokens on
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Rockets purchased here from Myself OG mint. , the BCH will go to....

50% Dividend paid in BCH to RKT hodlers
25% will go to SLP ecosystem projects..such as , SLP DEX
25% to Rocket promotion members
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1557d · Gold
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D r o g o n
Hi guys, I'm a new user, I'm part of the dwi group, and sent me ocher, happy to be part of this group
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Learn how to govern yourself, and the universe will be your oyster.