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Peter Pan - 04 - You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
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Sailor Moon Crystal - Omen Of Doom
5,415 views•Jun 10, 2017
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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
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Uther Pendragon
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my first year of memo today 👍
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early this morning i used to go for market its my schedule to go out. so i take the chance to post my sticker outside.
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Got them working. Only main purpose was to keep my new born chicks from freezing.
I will get it mining bch tomorrow
And hope we can make a good example of mining furnaces
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It's a leap year you know. 366 days this year.

Conker's Bad Fur Day - Bats Orchestra Remake 2018
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I'm sad today
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I do pass them around... when I see something actually worth passing them for... fucking slim pickings these days
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Thanks. Probably even looks better in person. Don't know yet. Wish I could buy a bulk amount and sell them, but they are pricey and the market would be small right now.
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Richard knife
There is at least 10 or 11
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The creator is not a liar
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Wowwww... hows about all babies duck???
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Uther: digital currency expert, philanthropist, rpg, ost music lover and duck breeder; a true renaissance man.
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ducks and ducklings always wanted a wet places. a pond would be a great place to them.