Arquidamia (Arqui)

Type: Normal
Decimals: 5

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<ignore>Post for token stashing</ignore>
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oct 26 get ready for this amazing cross-community airdrop!
Minimum amount the HOLY community needs to hold to get the HAM token is 500 HOLY and the HAM community will receive 7 HOLY per wallet with minimum 750 HAM
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To my countrymen are in here in in stay safe guys / TO MY FAMILY IN LEYTE
Mother , sister stay safe
I love always

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I've sent you 200,000 Honk as a bonus.
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Follow the light
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I can't afford to buy you a cell phone, maybe some one else here can. Try to explain your situation, that may help them trust you more.
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I can't afford to help all of you at the moment, the Evil Fridge event is over.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Two ThermoNuclear Missiles
I will figure out a way thou
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Which SLP token do you want me to write about on Uptrennd?
Honk 3 votes · 2,000 satoshis
E-Bike 0 votes · 0 satoshis
Spice 0 votes · 0 satoshis
RNEW 0 votes · 0 satoshis
TOBA 0 votes · 0 satoshis
DROP 2 votes · 0 satoshis
Divvy 0 votes · 0 satoshis
Other 1 votes · 0 satoshis


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i love georg
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Jet Force Gemini Soundtrack: Asteroid
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Good advice. Thank you for not being too annoyed at my inebriated silliness. you have genuine compassion. u r awesome.
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nobody buys my tokens, i will donate all lol
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Shocking: Coronavirus cases in Vatican City - Confirmed: 1
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Spyro The Dragon - Opening Theme Cover
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A Fox in Space OST - "Previously... (Part 2)"
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hi wanted to buy 1 Arqui
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