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good morning memo
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Snes, sir; the best version.
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Unusual Uther
Thank you sooooo much! 😍
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Uther Pendragon
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You'll be pleased to know I've made my selection for the knuckles audio. I'll try to outdo myself on this one.
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175d · Member
In the explorer dropdown for posts on there is now a link to Member
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Very similar story to Bitcoin Core.
The ring must be destroyed. You all know.
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195d · Capitalism
Was Pentium4 and the FX8350 really that bad? Why Cyrix bankrupted?
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Unusual Uther
When you posted that last night, I wasn’t at all expecting that many spice tokens. Selfless tipping of that sort is rare and I won’t ever forget your generosity. Thanks again.
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I miss the way things use to be.
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Unusual Uther
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Father of all, as we are his creation. Seems like a good second name for God.
Unusual Uther
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Much love!
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