tipped 20 XXXC 172d
172d · PCO
I want some aidrdrops, thanks.
tipped 7 XXXC 173d
· 10,000 sats 173d
I like XXXC, please and thank you SIR.
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Happy birthday to me. #dailymemo
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I buy my essential amino acids in a fermented version for superior bioavailability. They absorb better and have some better muscle-sparing qualities when you’re fasting.
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237d · MEME GANG
How it feels sometimes......
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Good Afternoon memo fans:) we are now back online. Today is October 4th. :) a perfect day for a perfect day :)
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sent · 10,000 sats 240d
Hi, Roger said he wanted to invest in you. See his latest video. You d should reach out.
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Nice side profile.
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Please tip! I need money.

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Ah ok cool! Happy to answer any questions!
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hey everybody, you can catch me on here talking to Collin about the SLPVH
tipped 6 XXXC 242d
I love my fellow #memoers! Cheers to evey single one of you special people. 🙌🏾
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I would totally take you to I-Hop for unlimited pancakes and not sneak out when the bill came.
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You are welcome.
I guess if there’s some activity with your tokens, only then tokens are presented at market page of Memo. Make some noise for XXXC tokens!!!
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Bitcoin Cash has sooo super cool community we have here even a classy stripper, that is not only one opinion :)
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Just remember less than a year ago we were praying for an $8,000 #bitcoin and the price was less than $3,900. Learn to appreciate the cool downs and just be patience in the #dip. #DailyMemo
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You can also see the icons in token wallets such as the Badger wallet and Crescent Cash wallet
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LOL this actually got me for a second
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Major new bug found in BCH implementations putting user funds at risk.

Nah. Only kidding. It's Lightning again.
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going to get some sleep now
thanks Tao Jones, love to see you on here more often :)
here's something I'm playing with #art #digitalart
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Hey peeps hope you had one awesome weekend! one more of my pieces please let me know what you think!
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who wants some parent NFT FloridaMan tokens?
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Someone who understands how to change an slp token icon needs to do a youtube video and post a BCH QR code. It's a much needed tool. They would probably make good profit doing it.
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replied 252d
Anytime sweetie
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I've removed the 2,000 character limit on Member. Also Member won't amalgamate UTXOs anymore - you can post 25 trxs per UTXO per block now. With both these changes, you can post large amounts of text quite quickly.