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Document: Futebol e Samba

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It's so simple. Biden inherited from Trump, 3 vaccines, oil independence, a secure border, and so much more. Biden reversed them all. Conclusion, Biden is wrong, Trump was right.- chuck woolery
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What are you doing over there Edward?
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572d · Bitcoin Cash has a PayPal API layer
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571d · Capitalism
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Im using memo
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That book changed my life in middle school.
I gave it to my oldest son when he turned 14.
He found it to be obtuse, self-evident, and boring :P
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[YTPMV] Dodgson The Fighters - Dynamite Nedry Plant
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Undertale - Death Report (Orchestral Remix)
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Hay alguien de latinoamérica por aquí?
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Member is now - please update your links. Thanks again to @DavidShares for his very generous acquisition and donation of the domain name.
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final fantasy advent children amv
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Token dump
Hi, I'm cds's dumping account for tokens, getting tired of sending them to bitcoin eater address and looks like Twitter has used token graveyard tokens to spam others so not using that anymore :-(
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Have a great new years memo'ers. Go steady on the 🍺 ;-)
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Merry Christmas and happy New Year friend!
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