🥫🥂🍻🥃🍺viel spaß in der tiroler stube🥃🍺🍹🥂🍸🍻 (🍻🍺🥃)

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What is FIO? Deep dive w/ Luke Stokes, FIO Foundation

To become a member visit naomibrockwell.com/memberships
Roy Morgan
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My pleasure mate.
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Have you ever seen a transaction made in gold?
Yes 5 votes · 1,000 satoshis
No 8 votes · 0 satoshis


If the CCP wanted things to get better, they would close the concentration camps.
But they do not want things to get better, they want things to get worse.
Now they will build the camps underground probably.
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This is a test message.
‘Interest Reward Staking’ coming to Renewable.cash
Staking = Depositing assets to generate interest, providing users with value-added for holding assets.
$RNEW Staking coming in-time for our 1 year anniversary.
time is making my mouth very dry
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thanks bro
if I were a BCH whale lol 😁
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I had to convert some USDH to dash using Sideshift to pay Bitrefill (they don't accept BCH unfortunately).

But it was worth it! Now I can eat with crypto in my city!
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And then this needs even more software like easy-to-use windows installers and a community in a bigger frame like twitter or something.. Kasumi, your work‘s not done yet.. 😜
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This is one of the best 2 hour discussion of visions & ideas from various BCH wallet devs. Absolutely delightful!


#BCH #wallet #BitcoinCash
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MIst is a new bitcoin!
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2000 actions in the memo 😉
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beech i got dat bitcoin cash
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Hello Memo.cash,

today on https://twitch.tv/honklerhangout i speak for a thirth time with tax rebel Toine Manders who helped small business owners with tax avasion. Come ask your questions and win some crypto!
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Halving has taken place first block with 6,25 BCH block reward mined.
CashFusion fundraiser just hit the goal!
104.57% of goal reached
$52,285.74 of $50,000 raised

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Unusual Uther
I did not know so many people needed milk and stuff. I am just trying to give away my beer money. It helps me not drink I think. I'll have more beer money in the future.
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Do you want to send some #BCH or #DASH so that I can buy bread & fruits to give it to these on the street which are totally fucked now? I have a fruit market and bakery which accept both coins right around the corner.
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Unusual Uther
King of crypto
Wow you have to much token
Your my idol
How you get those token that to much
Sir maybe you can share tips to earn more or faucet
Love it sir new follower here😍😍
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glad if someone would tip me some BCH here in memo. im not ashamed to ask for it.
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Oh yeah.... I got married yesterday btw lol