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Why can i counterfeit tokens? Why doesn't it preclude me from creating the same token twice? Doesn't this defeat the purpose of a token? Proof: Counterfieted SPICE. Reply for tip
Memo site had a short outage due to a code update. The issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience.
There was a site outage today caused by a full disk on the master db. It has been resolved and site has returned to normal functionality.
Use a monitoring system FFS
There have been some reports of transactions not propagating. The issue looks to be resolved but I am investigating root cause.
Memo is very slow. I use member, so everything is fast, but when I want to buy or sell token, it disturbs.
I am aware of site slowness and am looking into it
Had some downtime on due to the genesis upgrade. It should be good now.
The site is still experiencing slowness. The cause has been identified and an update is being worked on. Hopefully it will be out in the next day or so.
I don't seem 2 understand! Why is it that my Satoshi balance keeps reducing? I logged in yesterday & saw 9,530 but when I logged in today, it is 8,594 Satoshis.Pls I need answers.
Any suggestion for member with very less knowledge of IT. Hearing troubling cause slow speed, except waiting for new announcement, I dun really know what to do next
SLP Token Gamification Begins: SPICE Team Releases Provably Fair Dice. Guess it will increase the usage of SLP tokens thereby growing the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.
Through I saw the beauty of simplicity. The user friendliness of this site fascinates me. Well done the mgt team of I am down with y'all 4 real. Word!
Mission acomplished! I convinced a frnd dat bitcoin cash is better than bitcoin in terms of low transaction fees. He is on a mission, 2 convince his oder biznes frnds. Lol! Alleluia!
I'm in d business of buying & earnin Bitcoin cash, givin out bitcoin cash thru tipping. Now, I wanna know weda the is functioning, 'cause I want 2 earn BSV & donate too. Tanx
I think my account has a bug or something. I can't tip members & members can't tip me also. This is frustrating! Please, d tech team should look into dis. My BCH balance is stagnant
Does has affiliate program? I am an affiliate marketing enthusiast. Not only will I earn, but I feel glad to contribute to the growth of a project. **Cheers**
220d is currently offline due to complications with the Genesis upgrade. We were hoping the latest 1.0.2 patch would fix these issues but it did not.
SV is a retard tag and dev is a good example of its accuracy.
wait does chatting here also cost BcH? damn im gonna be poor
219d and sv - how are they connected? cash posts automatically being copied to sv?
If we have several websites like on the globe replacing Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Poverty amongst students will be reduced greatly.
Nobody gives a shit about or this website.
Please can some explain to me why I can't tip members sometimes? Also, my balance gets stucked sometimes. I just need a detailed explanation. Thanks.
I don't understand what is happening on anymore. I had 19,500+ satoshis and decided to withdraw but the max withdrawal was 6566 satoshis. Pls, I need clarification on this.