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Looking for hardware suggestions for building new file server. Motherboard/CPU for a home based server.
New UPS.

One of my 3000KvA UPS smoked this summer. I've had the majority of my equipment running off the other one with some stuff not on a UPS. I didn't have

Cleaning out my rack mount cabinets and found this hidden behind the Uverse router. Has to be from prior to 1999.
pick an SSD over HDD since it's much faster read write time.
Damn Black Friday sales. Just ordered 52TB of storage including 3 14TB enterprise hard drives I got for the price of 10TB desktop drives. Bring on those big blocks I'm ready.
Just think I used this for video games instead of mining. I could have been rich if I knew about bitcoin in 2011.
What happens when you decide to clean up your rack mount cabinet wiring after 17 years: