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This Joey Trend is a Sir SpamALot.
Is there way to ignore persons posts that I can set? i.e. ignore Joey Trend all over Memo
Add the topic the post is in to the feed pages. Be nice to be able to see what topic something was posted in. Also would give you quick access to that topic by clicking on it.
Muting just change the memo game for me. sheeeeiit.
I still think the site should choose a color other than puke green for the header.
Advanced Search. One of the great things about the blockchain being a permanent record, is it keeps people honest. So it would be valuable to be able to search memo posts more effectively.
UI/UX: add the search bar to the main page.
UI/UX: add the search icon ('🔍' or the like) to the search button. On seeing a row of text buttons in a glance, such icons help recognition.
This might be the most pointless thread. Memo dev doesn't give a shit.
Hummm power in numbers
Add a copy address for your wallet addresses and fix the slp address so when clicked on opens with a proper url to a block explorer. Right now it just tries to open the address in browser.
memo needs to sever dependence on external links! memo needs to be an alternative platform and not just a place to repost.
memo should host data uploads (eg images, videos, etc) and provide a protocol to easily link to them. i would gladly pay memo to host videos, so this could be a way to monetize memo.
and some lightweight data should be directly uploaded to the blockchain. for example...
instead of a Profile Image (which depends on imgur), we should have a Profile Graphic - a lightweight vector graphic coded in plain text and stored directly on the blockchain.
memo can't guarantee censorship resistance unless it provides its own solution for hosting data (eg videos).
and come to think of it... memo could really utilize the micropayment features of BCH to implement: Pay-Per-Byte Video Streaming & Downloading where the users pay per byte video they watch
this simple, up-front business model could really monetize memo and take her to the next level!
It would be nice for #memo to display some sort of token performance detail so that I can know the direction each token is headed, up/down.
I would like if #memo would automatically put the minimum amount of a certain token when i want to "star" someones post. This would make starring nearly as easy as liking!
I would like to share a link to memo on twitter just in case that my post does not contain any other link! Would also be nice to be sharing a link to memo only every few posts, not always.
Amy possibility to add message signing capability to the site?
Forwarding a suggestion here...
Forwarding a suggestion here... (pressed 'Enter' by reflex for a new line in the previous post, not realising it would send the post right away)
Is there a mobile app for memo?
#memo suggestion: the ability to bookmark posts. Maybe a search by a specific number of sats tipped, so u could bookmark e.g interesting tech stuff by tipping 612 sats.