Topic mainly for discussing the good and bad sides of LBRY (lbry.com).
My opinion atm (without deep study), is that this is the best Youtube alternative in these days of censorship and demonetizing. Anyone got some input?
It surprises me that nobody wants to talk about LBRY. I would think people on a hard-to-censor platform would be interested in potentially hard-to-censor supplements
bittube.video is using activitypub protocol which is pretty nice. similar to how LBRY does it with their multiple seeders concept. (think napster, or ipfs)
As a user lbry gives out a lot of freebies. Everyone should be on lbry
If I understand the quote in child post right, there is the potential to demonetize content providers in LBRY. Anyone got an insight into this?
This is insanity, people with money can hijack LBRY urls. https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/50tyub/were_the_nerds_behind_lbry_a_decentralized/