The human body is the best vehicle that each of us has.
Observing how the food I eat affects my thinking.
Some food bring me 'low' while some (food) make me 'high!' This could means the energy that is available in food depends on the food (type).
I endeavour to eat one meal per day. I also endeavour to fast on the 1st of every month. Next is to plan how to donate any foregone food.
Grateful to my parents for the gift of life. More grateful to my mother. Has done very well.
Inviting all who are able and willing, to partake in a 48 hour fast. No solid food. Water is acceptable if required. Enjoy.

my next yoga goal
I am sure some of you smoke, it is very important that you smoke outside or have a fan in your window to blow out the polluted air
This is what it looks like when someone is having a seizure while driving
If you are going to spy on an alcoholic and bully him or her with the information you gained I consider that too be premeditated murder, especially if it is a group of gangstalkers.
6 % of the worlds population has hearing problems, 90 % are adults. (242 million males, 190 million females) the other 10% are children. And like 1% of the worlds population can't hear anything.
Here are my house plants I use too clean the air I breathe
You don't have to be an amputee too get a robot arm too be able to control it with your brain, you can now add extra arms to your body, and control them with your brain or whatever.
A sleep specialist said you shouldn't use sleeping medicine, unless you really can't sleep. I don't have the video, but that is what he said
Take a shower before you sleep, absorbing water and drinking water before bed should help you lose weight while you sleep.
Carbon Monoxide (CO) is responsible for almost 25% of all propane related fatalities. Carbon Monoxide is the product of incomplete gas combustion often because appliances are improperly adjusted.
Mylar blankets are reflective insulation; it works by reflecting radiant heat back towards the source. Most of the heat the body loses is radiant heat, so reflective insulation makes sense.