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Hey guys! I have been making gains from coin trading and I will share my investments with you here.

First tip: #TFUEL. Buy now and don't sell before 0.01 USD. (RoI 19%)
I also recommend you to start accumulate #ZEC. Its halving in November. It is very easy & safe money to make. After halving, RoI will be no less than 35-40% if you start accumulating today.
Last tip of today: it is still not late to invest in PNT. I bought it from 1.10 USD and expect it to be 1.30 USD in the very near future.
#BNB - Target:
#BNB - Target 1: 0.002 BTC. RoI: 5% in a very short timeframe.
TFUEL, PNT and BNB all were rockets! Now my new recommendation is: #CHZ (RoI min 10%) This is a soccer coin and partner to many big clubs. Before new seasons, new partnerships will come!
Today's tips: it is not late for buying $HOT and $EVX. I expect $HOT to be 10 satoshis and $EVX to be 5750. Huge profit! Both are short-mid term, so hold a little bit.
$ARDR, $NWC, $VRA. $NWC will see ATH tomorrow.
Been away for a while. NWC saw ATH that day tho. That was a good tip. Hope you have benefited. Now my KuCoin tip is $LYXe. It will bring more than 20% within 10 days.