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How many people sleep 8 hours a day, get it in the sun and don’t subsist on a diet of sugar? I say do the basics before looking for any pharma-based solution.
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What if it was implemented in a way that could be effortlessly ported to bigger op_returns? It might help with the character limit in the interim, and still be useful after upgrading
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The final resting place of shit-tokens.
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Oh, instantly back to ad hominems...

Go bitch about @Bitcoin. 😂
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Looks like the BTC price is starting to react. I'm surprised LTC hasn't taken a harder hit, just saw this posted -

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Adam Green Interview - The Dual Loyalty "Trope" & Why Every American Should Be Talking About It
#AdamGreen #DualLoyalty #Israel #USCongress #AIPAC #Antisemitism #FreeSpeech #BDS
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