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Red Forman on US government.
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Dropping in to say hi, still alive lol !!

Hope everyone staying healthy and also staying happy. It's a strain being shut in but dam, prince thought we'd party like it's 1999, I'm waiting to party like Corona over !
86d · COVID-19
US, April 15: 605,390 known cases, 24,582 deaths. 4.06% death rate. Cases up 4.6% since previous day. https://bch.gg/covid200415
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During confidential conversations as a counselor, clients persuaded me that psilocybin should be legal.
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Unusual Uther
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I'll tag NonAlcoholicBeards
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0.2 G of cubensis to ward off the depression for 6 months..

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Sounds good!
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Keep this going, let's find out
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Been on a plant based diet pretty much since the beginning of the month. Surprised how easy it is. Let's see how I feel after a couple of months. #dailymemo
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Spores are rewarded for the ones with the most fruit - for spores to turn to mycelium you must give away that fruit type from which the spore came from.
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Wacky racer news,

Have a meeting this evening and prob not going to be home untill 9:30pm GMT so by time I've had something to eat and worked out times, race results may not get posted untill 10, later than usual.
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Mee too please
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Yes it is Token Tuesday! I was looking for you! Send nice things back and WE CAN DANCE TOGETHER!!!!
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Send some nice things back and we can dance all night :)
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random liker
I am trying to drink green tea, but I keep passing out, only telling you this so you can, maybe help others more effectively.
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Maybe it's just me, but I'm starting to feel like the Bitcoin Cash movement is starting to pick up some steam. #dailymemo
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249d · ⛏CCO
My november goals for CC are as follows.. drop 2 BCH tokens for CC owners per airdrop, increase hash another 10-15 TH, R&D Hives and hardware
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253d · Jokes
Mummies never take time off, they're to afraid to unwind.
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Got a fresh supply of the classic Hernzzzz token if anyone wants some
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Kingsley Ndaguba
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Thank you so much for the info & the tip you just made my day. I appreciate it👍
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Very generous and a great example of distribution!
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i'm going to try and live a healthier life. #dailymemo
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It's a wonderful puzzle isn't it?
254d · CelticsWinAirDrop
Can't wait for the results