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Hope everyone is doing well, I missed everyone in the Memo gang!
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1166d · Electronic music
Hux Flux - Elixir [HQ]
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1164d · gaming
The GPGPU AI revolution is canceled for today.
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1163d · Funny
Behold! The dominion of men is at an end
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Feliz dia das mães ❣️
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1583d · Legit UFO videos
In my dream, aliens visited earth (crash landed at the chinese border). Hundreds of people live streamed it, and hugged the alien, etc. And nobody beleived it is real.
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1617d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
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1) danger Will Robinson
2) anything is voluntary if you discount the consequences
3) only up to a point
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Nonsense animal images
I don't know what im doing, sorry. Still don't understand memo
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Its an alternative memo.cash reader/writer, i have never used it, but its probably popular. half of the people use his service from there.
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Making memo.cash just like Instagram where I share my activities with my fellow members here.
Drinking session with office-mates after a pressured 9-hour shift! Unwinding is a must!
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
sent · 252,000 sats 1647d
im sure u will put this into the faucet. im an economics guy, learning tech slwly lol
Mark Byers
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Already 27 ┗(°0°)┛ holders! We can do better. Who else wants some ┗(°0°)┛? Send me your slp addr
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Coinbase seems to be excelling without USDT.
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Oh, instantly back to ad hominems...

Go bitch about @Bitcoin. 😂
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The art of the deal: Netherlands bought some F-35's after Dutch PM met Trump

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BCH doing 21% of btc transactions
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Bitcoin Cash Activist

I Onboarded 8 Businesses to Bitcoin Cash in 1 DAY
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You still have one chance to win. Your bet was for tomorrow (Thursday)
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Hmm, I'm not sure why that would be occurring. I will take a look.
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