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Joe Biden to make banks report anything over $600 to IRS. (westernjournal.com)
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If you still have BCHA/XEC, you can now get 0.52 BCH for every coin.
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47d · Joe Rogan JRE 👁️
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Covid19 Vaccines Are Intended To Control Your Mind:
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62d · COVID-19
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115d · bitcoin cash
The not so United Kingdom banned Binance.
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I sniffed the wifi communication of my android phone few days ago. Without your consent, It sends out your sensitive data to multiple domains even if you dont have account on them.
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246d · Privacy
Telegram Fail:
"The Delhi Police have reportedly accessed important chats between Disha Ravi and Greta Thunberg over the farm laws and the toolkit on telegram."
But you knew this, of course.
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In the software i develop, for example in http://maker4d.uw.hu/index.html
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Thanks for the explanation. I was very confused about it and didn't want to ask about it. BTW BCHA increased today by 47% on Coingecko.
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7 months ago it was possible to buy sour for less than 1000 sats, today it is more than 20000 sats
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Twitter banning Bitchute videos.
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Why is toilet paper still out of stock? Are you guys eating it? This is ridiculous
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"According to [Imperial College of London research paper], 95% of EOS transactions, 82% of Tezos transactions and 98% of XRP transactions were essentially transaction spam, not transferring any value." ...
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1 BCH today is equivalent to just over a minimum wage in Brazil
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This is how far back they go to test you for Covid 19.
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Up to a million monthly users in just a few months! Not bad at all. Decentralized, censorship-resistant media of all types is here now, and will be mainstream soon
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573d · coronavirus
USA now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases worldwide.
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577d · China is about to 1984 the entire planet.
I support your ideas for BCH, but I think you're starting to fall for US propaganda. They're the ones trying to outlaw end-to-end encryption right now
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793 Deaths in Italy in just 24 hours from Corona Virus. OMG!
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I have heard they have stopped taking care of people over 80 in Italy's hospitals.
Is that really true, are they prioritizing people by age?
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Steemit community creates new fork. Steem token is up 50%.