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White men are people too
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White men are people too
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Marriage should expire every 5 years like drivers license.. then u decide if u want to renew it
That's opinion only .
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White men are people too
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I know. But now the people know, it is easy to do a search on these names over at to find the stuff themselves. We're men, we don't have to have such things spoon fed. :)
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White men are people too
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My opinion is that Barbarossa and Stardusk are better sources to MGTOW material than Sandman. There are some videos from both on
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Are all Nuggets Gold?? I want to see a Purple Nuggets too😅😅
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Marriage is great, but you need to be very careful about who you choose and be able to love through the tough times
Monroy Apostol
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Apple, the notorious IT company known for re-selling $40 chinese phones for $1000 in USA, uses anti-male hate propaganda to stop a right-of-repair bill:
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I'm going my own way!
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Monroy Apostol
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hi. im new here and i dont know what to do on this website. please give me some advice. thank you
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Prince Tommy
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We have all lied at one certain point of our lives...but damn!, this video is quite revealing 💯
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Prince Tommy
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Feminist feeling too entitled.
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I like sour spice mist, I don't have one that I like the most
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north korean dissident were persecuted for imaginary rape crimes in south korea. he fled back to north korea, not knowing he carries the corona virus. he started pandemic at kesong region in nk.
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Meet our faucet -

I would like to partner with 4 tokens to put the sale on our exchange.
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I put this video to the background and looping it:
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I'm going my own fucking way
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Anti-male group in hungary aided by foreigner secret services, protesting in masks ,,against pedophilia and abuse''
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Sandman: She Wants A Down Syndrome Baby LOL - MGTOW
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A sheet for childs, in Hungary.
Select your gender: male figure is a crippled sad face
female figure is happy and smiling
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Send me BCH
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If you can live on a small amount of money comfortably and enjoy yourself, you'll always be content. I spend 25k CAD a year in total which is 18.5k USD. If I can, you can. Be frugal and prosper
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Does it work internationally?