Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

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My ex gf from 9 years a dirty bitch and has gained 75 lbs since...and smells like that weird strawberry body wash that fat girls wear =) lolololo and I laugh each time i see hear!!
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A reading comprehension fail on my part. This entire ordeal is making me feel awful, like my mother and father arguing over bills, raising their voices while I pretend not to listen.
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Reality hits we hard bro. All I've left for now, a few packages of pasta.

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today is my mother's birthday and I didn't buy anything for her :/
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Memo: valentines day is coming mere hours from now. It is, to my mind, the best day for a man to be single in any given year. No responsibilities to a significant other, no consumerism or cheap gifts, only freedom.
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Someone gave me one, thank you!
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Sorry for writing so many articles. I would've never imagined I'd be writing this much. Blame it on the incentives. #BitcoinCash #BCH
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It's been a while, but here is the new version (in beta), please let me know what you think so far.
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Often times It’s to avoid losing everything you’ve worked for in a rigged system. More social engineering to erode the family unit.

It doesn’t have to stem from bitterness.
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Doing a weekend fast! around 48h. I'm 24h in, no issues. I've done this before tho. : )
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David Hasselhoff
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Cool send us sum
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I swore off finding someone a long time ago, I’ve never been burned or lost everything like the greater mgtow community, but used the narratives as a guide to avoid getting involved
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You are still blocked. I want everyone to know this before pressing that tip button.
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lol it was late when I added that, thanks!
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🛴Follow TaiwanEbike to get E-BIKE coin Airdrop!
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1 month until first dividend payment
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Chinese stock market was shut down to prevent a giant sell off in the midst of potential pandemic. They open for trading on 2/3/20.
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28d · coronavirus
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Most of the 7Bn+ existing humans are intellectually disabled & live a completely futile and pathetic existence.

I'm sorry to be a part of this fucking species & all the destruction and insanity we bring to this world
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Cryptocurrency is the best thing that has happened to me. Bitcoincash has caught my attention for some time now and the reason isn't far fetched. Check out my post @
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Unusual Uther
After stress testing memo. The worst in people came out and I felt like I was not wanted around here anymore. So I just chime in sometimes. Instead of being fully active.
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FUCK ME with sats..damn girls on Memo now a days😡😬😡