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never heard of the sub, sounds awful and looks to be full of butthurt losers who lead boring pointless lives desperately seeking someone to blame other than themselves.
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The ultimate black pill..

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Sure, double check this, should be your memo, I'll get the other in a sec
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it was a cold windy not and when the guy was up on the cross, he got a hard on. Very noticeable to everyone. People started calling it the Res-erection.
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Passion and really good food.
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Gotta be DarkspaceCEO then :)
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That’s a tough one to spell.
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I merely suggest allocating the sats to someone holding currently.

The loss is another penance for neuroticism/poor coping strategies. Just, I don’t like seeing sats go to waste.
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tip me sir
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Still a better than tether in some respects.
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