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I made an anime kissing video today:
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Ma Junior 1MBFpC
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[YTPMV] Dodgson The Fighters - Dynamite Nedry Plant
7,898 views•May 17, 2017


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The covid vaxx is a fucking scam.
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Hey, did you know there's a shorter link to your profile on Member?
The format is . . .
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Futurama-I Dated a Robot
1,243,889 views•Apr 24, 2013


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"A parasitic relationship is one in which one organism, the parasite, lives off of another organism" #Banksters are parasites, they do not work themselves. #realbitcoinclub #trbc #bmap #bitcoinmap #coinector
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OMG, this system is so rigged... now we officially saw that even the biggest elections are completely fake and that we are completely enslaved by the banksters who own the media! Time to work harder on #BCH #bitcoin
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What if I told you I found a hidden sandwich?
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Https://twitch.tv/honklerhangout LIVE NOW! World Hell’s OrgyNazition, celebrate COVID-1984, the controlled demolition of our economy!

How to make sure a politician votes like you want to? Yoe Buythem
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thanks for the warning mate, I did not click on the link
but what happens if I do?
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The promedian age of these who died in Italy was 81 years and most of the patients already had serious disease, there was also huge mistreatment with respiratory machines that killed
Bitcoin Cash Activist
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Educational system - programs children to be obedient lil slaves still to relentlessly compete and compare with each other
But all things grown & then ...whys world filled with dumb, aggressive and envious ppl??
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239d · Golden Nugget
Did you know that every day I pick a winner of The Golden Nugget ($10) for the best post on member.cash? Well, now you know 😉
Waking up when I want, having the time and luxury to enjoy my coffee while I sit on my balcony, and enjoying the sun is all I ever needed. ☀ Feeling very grateful. Been an amazing 6 years 🙏
Facebook and Twitter keep agenda-pushing social justice, climate change, and voting drives on me. Parler keeps pushing Trump stuff. What if I want to make up my own mind on the content I want to see? 🤔🤷‍♂️
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Giant Mushroom

250d · DIVVY Token Project
The DIVVY team is quite please with the ZAPIT.io team and want to take the opportunity to give them a bit of advertising - We will be distributing 5 MILLION tokens to ZAPT holders.
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Well do you?
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251d · gardening

Zucchini, cucumbers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, peppers