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[YTPMV] Dodgson The Fighters - Dynamite Nedry Plant
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270d · SEALAB 2021
Sealab 2021 - Ever since you got that pipe...
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Another art article of mine.... Has 8 pics. Flowers theme.
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Raven coin got hacked.
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Twitter doesn't alert you when it silences someone you follow.

It just quietly removes them from your feed like nothing happened.
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To the badger folks: putting up your software ONLY to app stores and allowing them to censure your software is super retarded. Also whats the point in a browser-integrated wallet?
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I'm shocked that Chinese social media network TikTok has been spying on its users. That is the job of American social media networks.
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I heard people are freaking out and buying all the Vitamin C pills in stores and the shelves are empty of them.
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Florida, USA Cemetery
by LeBachar via Android6 hr
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864d · coronavirus
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Today I was robbed by three with a knife for ten dollars... Still cant understand how anyone would do that for ten dollars, probably they were really in need. I prefer that over being robbed my whole life by banksters
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877d · coronavirus
To deter panic buyers, a retailer in Rengsdorf in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) is charging a five euro surcharge from the second pack of toilet paper, and ten euros from the third pack.
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Hope for humanity(audio)
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I have heard they have stopped taking care of people over 80 in Italy's hospitals.
Is that really true, are they prioritizing people by age?
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BCH: 543008-540634=2374 memo txs. num of tx📈23.9%, account for 4.7% of all BCH txs(50784)
BSV: 801633-801374=259 memo txs. num of txs📉55.0%, (889456)
BTC: (337765), BCH/BTC=15.0%
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Token Cemetery
The final resting place of shit-tokens.
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Oh, instantly back to ad hominems...

Go bitch about @Bitcoin. 😂
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Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Guys !!!

🍺 has dropped off the market cap page !!

We need to get it back on there, I'm going to list 1 single 🍺 at 50k and who ever buys it will receive 1 extra for free.

Stay frothy dudes :-)
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1126d · memo
Memo now supports tipping posts with tokens!
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1126d · memo
Memo now supports tipping posts with tokens!