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Send me a selfie with you and your chickens.
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Token Cemetery
The final resting place of shit-tokens.
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SLP usage this month is higher than the previous 3 months combined...and we still have more than a week left in October!


Tip me some tokens and I'll tip you back. ♡
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I'm a collector of rare and exotic tokens! I travel to the edges of the earth looking for for more. Please send them my way.
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
BCH is kicking up price.
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Shout out Gabriel Cardona!
Soon as I get home I'll make a proper post, give this man a follow!
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my witch doctor told me to rub graveyard dirt on the sore to make it heal lol
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There are still way more people using #BTC than #BCH worldwide for payments and #elipay is a custodial wallet which means it offers probably the same fees for BTC as BCH... How is #Bitcoincash winning here ??
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Silver NFTs have all been given out (for free)
note #8 has a typo (1815)
holding 2 for IRL friends
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I'm thinking Memo meme competitions, where the winners's meme's gets tokenized, therefore adding value for the users and could definitely promote Memo as well let me know what you think!
Stay safe friends.
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#Dash is great cryptocurrency.
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Being new to the platform I was curious, when I would like to withdraw some satoshis to a wallet should I use a BCH address?
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Send me your SLP token to get some back!
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Been awhile since I been hanging around here. Miss you guys. What’s new in Memo land BCH’s 😎🤘🏻
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Yo - you have tokens you don't want? Send 'em my way! Will take all the tokens. :)
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A fee market is ridiculous in the first place, but when you pay a high fee to be in a block but get pushed out by a lower fee for a publicity stunt by the powers that be ??
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Tip me your SLP tokens!!!!
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799d · memo
BCH: 461486-460179=1307 memo txs. num of txs📉1.0%, account for 2.7% of all BCH txs(48896)
BSV: 777884-777593=291 memo txs, num of txs📉40.4%, (96280)
BTC: (345435)
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Ha ha ! South coast UK. Not quite California but when the sun shines it's a grand place to be :-)
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