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The All/God, the eternal principal of life, manifests itself eternally through humanity and through nature as pure intelligence revealed itself unto mankind through a being named Jesus.
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Why are people still believing in books written by the intention to control and manipulate the masses? Your own senses and logical thinking are the only way to receive the truth.
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1538d · Ideas to improve our lives
Cherish all the good memories in your life, however few there may be. Nostalgia can be a refreshing source of happiness, and one that never grows old over time. #MondayMemo
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These which are anti-government expressing their hate, actually want just a different government. A real anarchist/libertarian simply doesn't care about the government as he takes responsibility & lives in freedom.
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I'm a collector of rare and exotic tokens! I travel to the edges of the earth looking for for more. Please send them my way.
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Was long reading man. But worth it.
Thanks 🙏 for your research.
Keep digging into it.
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Soon a
huge youth movement that was both anti-bourgeois and Teutonic Pagan in
character, composed mostly of middle class German children, organized into
autonomous bands.
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Thus the religiosity of the Indo-Germanic people, whenever their nature can
unfold itself freely, emerges only in that form which religious science has
described as "nature religion" or "earth religions".
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"The only beings they recognize as gods are things that they
can see, and by which they are obviously benefited, such as sun, moon and
fire; the other gods they have never even heard of."
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1544d · Favorite Quotes
“When an honest man realizes that he is mistaken, he will either cease being mistaken or cease being honest.”  - Joseph Campbell
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no idea what Gospel of Thomas is but you can use for IFPS + BCH or 1 MB on chain text files on
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I bet that quote was entered into evidence in his Chapter 11 hearing.
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Send me some tokens! I need moarrr!
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Send me some tokens! I need moarrr!
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1594d · Ideas to improve our lives
De-bank yourself, avoid mainstream social media and avoid wasting time on NPCs.
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1570d · Ideas to improve our lives
Practice yoga and the wim Hof breathing exercise.
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1545d · Ideas to improve our lives
Meditate once every day. This keeps your mind somehow in check and gives you more control. With time this gets better and better
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1545d · Favorite Quotes
"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise." - Voltaire
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1636d · Favorite Quotes
“What we do now echoes in eternity.” ― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations
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1635d · Favorite Quotes
"Money is always there, what changes are the pockets". Gertrude Stein
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1631d · Favorite Quotes
Creativity is no substitute for knowing what you are doing.