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Unusual Uther
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I love everyone in equal amounts. That way it is fair.
Even if you don't think I do... I do.
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Fuck the Chinese Communist Party.
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I am developing a personal project that could soon become a startup (BCH based). If you are a designer I could be interested in some things, I could pay you in BCH. Are you interested?
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Anyone got any of those SLP tokens?
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Beginning to distribute MisoCoin tokens, holders will eventually be able to send one to dispense treats at https://dlive.tv/travio33
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Making good content is more profitable than selling SLP tokens on Memo. Change my view.
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SUCKS to live in communism here in Venezuela, Maduro was elected by FAKE ELECTIONS with only communist candidates, no one from opposition, MADURO IS A SCAMMER
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r/bitcoin is not even for discussion of the BTC (soft)fork. It's only for the discussion of Blockstream's approved narrative.