Nathan B
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Some Tips please 😊
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I really love how Roger Ver answered,.."How he get involved into blockchain/cryptocurrency"

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Uther Pendragon
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I get regularly "muted" on memo or "blocked" on Twitter by radical #BCH fanboys (e.g. Vin Armani & Bitcoin Cash Fund) who can not stand an open free discourse, clearly demonstrating their vision of freedom of speech.
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@whalesharesio became a "nice post" website with ppl posting photos of cats, religious pieces of turd & dump zone for reposts from Steemit. I wonder how it will roll now when all the fun actors are pissed about tips.
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Hey thx for the tokens man! :)
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When u listing HEX?
PJMan7 14CpJe
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So..... just pretend that I was the second response... I don’t have to be first..!