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Why would you want to extend your lifespan and be on this Earth even longer?
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Before wiping a disk, make sure to check thoroughly for any important files you might want to save. There is nothing worse than suddenly remembering you forgot a file in the middle of wiping. #MondayMemo
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Have a good feeling about today, today going to be a good day, you wait and see :-)
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Do you know how you know that you gonna die? When it doesn't hurt anymore and you feel so terribly tired.
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Do you know how you know that you gonna die? When it doesn't hurt anymore and you feel so terribly tired.
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14d · Somebody,
Alone in the universe
I go out in the night, the landscape only lit up by the moon and the stars. I look at the stars, wondering about the universe, and I see that I am very small.
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When Do people died?? When theyre head was hit on a bullet?? NO
When they Suffer an incurrable deceased?? NO

PEOPLE DIE when they are FORGET!!!
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If you dont see any post from me again in the following days or weeks you know what happen. Thank you for all MEMO Friends who help me or should i say send me a tip from the start i join here. I forever thankful
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Tipping tokens cost..almost 1500 Sats😲😲 that why i almost drain😂😂
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I'm wondering that too. I thought it would just be pasting the imgur url. But that didn't work did it?
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Selling my SWEET at 18888 😢 i need the Money now..ill buy back the other time..when everything is fine.. please someone kinhearted..the price is for medine cost
Unusual Uther
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check out this song
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Tell me what is your favourite SLP token, and then tell me why you think it's worth its market cap, then tell me how much % the top address holds of that token and what would happen if they started dumping ?
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SOUR token has a very close value of 1 MXN (Mexican peso).

For 10,000 Sour you can easily book a 4 star hotel in Acapulco at least for 3 nights, with breakfast included. And you can still have some beers at night.
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Sowing hope in Venezuela! Thanks BCH
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I got a job at night, I don’t know if I’m going to stay long but I’ll try my best
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33d · memo
The default tokens page is now listing tokens by most transactions with some other sorting options. The market cap page is removed.
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Yep, I'm thinking of just removing the market cap page.
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Best feeling in the world - HUGS FROM MY CHILDREN. :) How about you?
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I thank God for giving me job that I can enjoy and makes me happy :)
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Learned from experience ..!! Dont pleased someone you cant!! It will hurt you the most... let them go if they want to...
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Create some stuff earn it like meme music link youtube link any other stuff..cause when sir uther is feeling generous he definately help you..