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Most of the 7Bn+ existing humans are intellectually disabled & live a completely futile and pathetic existence.

I'm sorry to be a part of this fucking species & all the destruction and insanity we bring to this world
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There is general misconception, esp. in the BTC community, that scarcity is a guarantee for appreciating price. It's not. It is only a guarantee for a baseline for the value of the network (which can change).
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Don't mess with Poland
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Started reading and sent you messages on discord. 🤓
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As I get older, I have become more appreciative of my memories. But maybe that's my problem. I spend too much time dwelling on the past. #dailymemo
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Surveillance creates subservience. #dailymemo
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Has anyone had any thoughts of bringing ZK Rollups to BCH?
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Just thinking..
With Crypto Capital gone, does that mean Bitfinex/Tether has no bank access?
If so, how do whales send $ to Buy USDT and those exchanges holdin USDT now how do they change thier USDT to $?
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1428d · Rocket Token
New POT system ,proof of token shares coming soon to Rocket 🚀....every hodler of 10k or more Rockets will gain 5% extra Rockets to their holdings per month.
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It's my birthday! Send me some SLP tokens!
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China is pure Orwell's 1984

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1436d · memo
The token display issue has been resolved. The cache key between memo.cash and memo.sv was the same, so it would occasionally show your SV balance.
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1436d · Member
What should I prioritize for Member V3?

Here's the current V3 todo list - https://github.com/memberapp/memberapp.github.io/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue+milestone%3A%22Version+3%2
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Bitcoin Boost: Former CFTC Officials Propose A Blockchain-Based Dollar Fearing Weakening Fiat
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1439d · Educational
Loop Quantum Gravity. A quantum theory of gravity that tries to insert background independence of a general relativity, into quantum field theory.
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I miss the way things use to be.
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DAI, DAPPS, and better scaling can and will happen. I’d still like to see a Buterin/Ver collaboration on something special.
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Assuming others will automatically recognize BSV as a scam is a flawed theory. Honestly BSV has much better chances of adopting new users in todays climate with their shill army bots
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BCH also diffentiates itself by privacy (Schnoor, cash shuffle etc) whereas BSV supports government spying on the people. BCH will be more scalable due to CTOR and new tech long term.
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At one point I regretted committing to posting a #dailymemo a day for a year. Now I'm glad I did. I think even after a year is up I might continue. It's like having a diary that will never be erased.
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Blockchain Act: Liechtenstein Becomes First Nation to Launch Comprehensive Crypto Regulations
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Memo users are growing as people are finding out you can earn here unlike every other social media.
SLP Tokens are gaining traction...faster to send than almost every altcoin out there and at a fraction of the price.
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Banking, payments, investments, commerce, escrow and betting without custodians!

Peer-to-peer cash enables non-custodial financial services.

Get Ready!

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1457d · Bitcoin Cash
In theory when miner income is mostly fees the block time should become even more consistent, making 90 minute blocks almost non-existent