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PLEASE everyone, stop using USDT exchanges...and tell everyone you know to do the same.
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The same happens with every account.

Gentlemen, we have found a bug.
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Hong Kong accelerates crypto use, Iranian sanctions stop flood support, and more!
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Guys... stop being gay and lend me your BCH so I can pay you back som interest for fuck sake #LEND5 #dailymemo - Buy LEND5 token , earn fucking interest !!! #dontbegay
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Is really shit an exaggeration? Their cars lit on fire weekly, their autopilot crashes weekly and the amount of losses the company is generating is increasing for every quarter...
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Just for you Jam😃
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Memo a few times a day like

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Does anyone know what Honktokens are? Also, have the posting limits been raised? I haven't been on for a few months but it seems like the character limits are a bit higher. If so, that's nice.
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I'm exchanging tokens, send me a tip and I will send you a tip back with a different token
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Doing OTC with a DOGE trader.
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Hello everyone. I'm new user. Nice to see you.
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PSA Spice is now available for trading on Altilly, Coinex, Cryptophyl and of course her on Memo. Remember one thing #Spicemustflow to be successful.
Wow. 27 new users on memo in the last two days 😱😎 #memo #memobch
https://dlive.tv/CollinEnstad starting in 5 mins, Roger Ver as Guest!
My Crypto Chocolate Machine
Hey BCH's - I made a memo --> twitter post bridge that anybody can use. After my feature request I got thinking & building :) https://github.com/JettScythe/MemoBirb
Bitcoin cash is now only 5.9 billion behind ripple Closest it's been since before the BCH-BSV split
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This is my badger Wallet bitcoincash:qrhc72mrv7z2hkn2zqenwd3l5zeajpwqavd2n6plu8


My badger wallet
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Honk me and I´ll Hamster you
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Honk me and I´ll Hamster you
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Honk me and I´ll Hamster you
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They are not careless about the amount of people dying by gunshot. Many Lives Are Saved by Guns. More Guns, Less Crime!