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Sideshift their XAI is now at 12 cents! You can get free XAI when you swap with them and you stake that XAI for a part of their profit.
Try it out https://sideshift.ai/a/LMDYEq7R4
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Anarcho-totalitarianism: The regime monitors and controls your every action to make sure you are 100% free. If you are ever coerced, you will be forcibly uncoerced.
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Anarcho-Reality: Recognizing we already exist in anarchy, only the criminals have more power than you, and most your neighbors are cool with it.
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The irony of an inflated ego is that usually leads to a poor knowledge of one's self. You need to know yourself better than anyone else in order to be successful, yet most self-obsessives end up achieving the opposite
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I'll read cards🍀 and share lil tips💲.
Post questions below. ✨
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Ill read cards🍀 and share lil tips💲. Post question below. ✨
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Hey guys what is up? I'm still trying to figure out how memocash works
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Memo users accounted for over 50% of SLP activity in the last 24 hours. 850 of 1500 total txs.
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Let's call it "re-member" for Member.cash 😁
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A system to select your favorite tokens is planned. Then it can be sorted by tokens most favorited by people you follow.
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meet Dow Jones like Average index of main SLP Tokens (with price data for SPICE/ DROP/ SAI) - http://pulse.monster
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wanna buy some SAI tokens. If you want to sell some pls place sell order:)