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This channel is not for general mythbusting topics, but for this:

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Bitcoin Cash Activist
Cryptophyl is down!!!
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Welcome to the wonderful world of the fiat system.
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When I said "BTC is a shit-stain on the crypto industry", I honestly meant it.

#Bitcoin #Blockstream

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I just registered with uphold.com then I deposited some #dash to try to exchange it for cash to make a bank transfer. They instantly asked for my personal data, now they won't even let me withdraw my own funds...
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Keepbitcoinfree.org is now promoting BCH 🤔
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Somebody stole my phone yesterday in the bus, im about to lost my job because having a smartphone is neccesary for it, I dont know what do to, I need 70$ for a new one, please, guys, give me a hand
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The problem isn't limited to Memo. It applies to all BCH transactions. Make too many of them without waiting for the next block and you'll have the same problem.
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this really is annoying
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Maximalism is a cancer growing inside the cryptocurrency ecosystem. #dailymemo #maximalism #BTC #BSV
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Tip me your SLP tokens!!!!
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In fact, you can use the same name. Only Token ID is unique.
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