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566d · Fuel Prices
Romeo and Juliet Petrol Station Scene
2,147,575 views Mar 25, 2014
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Waiting... - 13. "Morale Advice"
22,561 views•Sep 18, 2009


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772d · test
WaterWorld, How many Cigarettes did the Smokers have?
2,138 viewsApr 28, 2021
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SPACE JAM OST / Technotronic - "Pump Up The Jam" [instrumental] REMASTERED 2011
377,998 views•Nov 29, 2011


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Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty Soundtrack: Tychus Theme
17,661 views•Apr 10, 2012


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Common... Did I again make u sad???
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What do you want too happen?
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OMG... Did my eyes have trouble cause in the exchange table got 3 SPICE tokens with 3 different prices??? Which one is real? Confused :(
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Thank you James Bondesque villains Wright-Ayre!
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He read our short story samples lol. Thought we had a ''thing'' going. My new guy isn't like that at all though.
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Killing me slowly inside💔
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
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Token dump
Hi, I'm cds's dumping account for tokens, getting tired of sending them to bitcoin eater address and looks like Twitter has used token graveyard tokens to spam others so not using that anymore :-(
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I need that damn potato.
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Richard knife
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Smoke his butt
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Just speaking for myself here, prob shouldnt say itBut I dont know if it is new people or what, but I could do w/out being sent all these worthless tokens. I load $ on here, then get all this shit sent to me, .....
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Yay... if you used over the limit... sure that paranoid might effects... and not only nicotine... almost things will lead to paranoid if over the limit
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Well you made mes spill my damn beer and now you are in timeout for a very long time!
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1675d · Memo
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Ok so yea...i can see a need for a weed token....its fun.. Already has that "pass that shit " vibe going on...
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Nah... Think about Lord Swole...See you can be fit as hell when a human... but on memo... you can totally pig out on "unhealthy" tokens and have a blast :) its more of a compliment !
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Not to be overly sentimental, but I’m FINALLY coming out of the brain fog/anhedonia I was trapped in coming off phenibut and kratom habit. A sincere thanks to everyone for interacting and keeping me occupied. :)
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Token Cemetery
The final resting place of shit-tokens.
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YeahThx. dont need it. My crazy alcoholic gf saw it and screamed @ me for 4 hrs like a porn token means I was cheating on her. was trying to avoid getting hit. Being sober is fun guys,