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Send me some tokens! I need moarrr!
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Oh, instantly back to ad hominems...

Go bitch about @Bitcoin. 😂
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😁🤣 its Happening! lol
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I sold enough 🍺 to be able to spam you out of existence with shit-tokens....
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Just for you Jam😃
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I would also accept some Hernzzzz
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More Hernzzzz.. Pleeeasee ♥️
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Barr Predicted 'Major Incident' To 'Galvanize' Public For Social Media Tracking & Did The FBI Know?
#MassShootings #ManufacturedConsent #WilliamBarr #FBI #PreCrime #PNAC #Venezuela #Syria
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Good Morning Memo.Cash Community
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Or just send them to a non-SLP wallet to not burn 546 satoshis.
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Good chats with coworkers tonight at dinner. Love how much passion everyone has for #bch

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· 75d · Bitcoin SV
The fraudulent #faketoshi fail fork can't even compete with a bch SLP token. What a joke of a dying chain. Get out now! #delistbsv
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This week in Crypto: Hacker Extorts Binance, Coinbase negligence, negative interest rates, & more!
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Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
· 72d
https://dlive.tv/CollinEnstad starting in 5 mins, Roger Ver as Guest!
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· 297d · Privacy
I like how blockchain allows the common person to also view, and to analyze spending data. If we can all access it, I like it.
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up the ass and a VPN however will quickly find that almost every site is now broken."
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White men are people too
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So no, there is not "nothing we can do" about the ISP, but the big actors (nation agencies) are indeed able to break into your computer, just like a swat team is able to break into your home.
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· 83d · Favorite Quotes
"But: he says himself he is an asshole, and my advice to anybody is to avoid working with assholes, because sooner or later you end up covered in shit." - Gavin Andresen on Craig Wright
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Alas, I am dying beyond my means.
-- Oscar Wilde [as he sipped champagne on his deathbed]
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· 70d · Strange Planet
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· 76d · Fake Tokens
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· 70d · Fake Tokens
Just imagine bitcoin was a scam to trick people into depositing money online